KTC Launches "Newly Designed KTC Credit Card" Featuring a Beautiful, Simple, Minimalist Style, Suitable for Every Lifestyle

Stocks News Friday November 24, 2023 15:24 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

KTC Launches

KTC launched the "Newly Designed KTC Credit Card" under the concept of "Simplify Your Life, Living A Minimalist Lifestyle." The new design features a beautiful, simple, and minimalist style, perfectly suited for the lifestyle of members. Important card information, including the name, card digits, and expiration date, is now located on the back of the card. This design is now applied to KTC VISA, MASTERCARD, and JCB credit cards.

Mr. Tosapong Rangkawara, Head of Credit Card Marketing Division, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, revealed that KTC has redesigned its credit card, transitioning from the previous design to the "Newly Designed KTC Credit Card" embracing the concept of "Simplify Your Life, Living A Minimalist Lifestyle" and underscores the principle of "Less is More." The minimalist style is aimed at providing a simple yet essential touch for everyday life, reflecting the idea of spending money wisely and prioritizing experiences over material possessions through classic simplicity and focuses on safety while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Important card information, including the cardholder's name, card digits, and expiration date, has been relocated to the back of all cards.

The redesigned KTC credit cards include KTC VISA credit cards (Platinum / Signature, and X Signature), KTC MASTERCARD credit cards (Platinum / WORLD REWARDS, and X WORLD REWARDS), and KTC JCB credit cards (Platinum and Ultimate). For current members, a new card will be issued to replace the old card upon its expiration. To request a new card design, members can reach out to KTC PHONE at 02 123 5000. A fee of 200 baht per card (excluding VAT) will apply.

For more information, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000, or get updates on other KTC promotions at https://www.ktc.co.th. To apply for any KTC credit card, click the link: https://ktc.today/apply-card or visit any "KTC TOUCH" branches nationwide.

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