Blue Elephant Group and Vivin Grocery Present "Khao Soi Duck Confit" and Other Treats at the "Meet The Artisan" Event at Thonglor 13

Entertainment News Friday February 9, 2024 15:52 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Blue Elephant Group and Vivin Grocery Present

Vivin Grocery, led by husband and wife team Nicolas Vivin and Samantha Proyrungtong (right), is hosting a "Meet The Artisan" event featuring Blue Elephant Group's Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe (left) who will officially present their latest French inspired Thai dish, "Khao Soi Duck Confit", on Sunday, 11th February 2024 from 12 noon to 2.00 pm at VIVIN Grocery Bistro & Bar.

Master Chef Nooror will kick off the event with a cooking demonstration of "Khao Soi Duck Confit" using her world-renowned Khao Soi yellow curry paste topped with Vivin's Duck Confit. Guests will be treated to a sample bite of the dish plus a glass of wine best paired with the dish by GranMonte Vineyard, a free Blue Elephant Cooking Set and a recipe to take home. VIVIN Grocery has recently added selected items from the Blue Elephant premium product to its rich grocery line including organic and gourmet options.

The special "Khao Soi Duck Confit" dish will be available for lunch and dinner at the VIVIN Grocery Bistro & Bar - Thonglor 13 from 11-29 February 2024.

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