DataX partners with SCB Academy to launch free online course "From NLP to LLM: Another New Buzzword in Biz," enhancing AI literacy among Thai citizens

Technology News Friday February 16, 2024 14:02 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

DataX partners with SCB Academy to launch free online course

SCB DataX Co., Ltd. (DataX), a leading provider of business data analysis services leveraging data science, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and Large Language Models (LLMs) within the SCBX Group, has partnered with SCB Academy, the specialized learning center of Siam Commercial Bank, to introduce a new online course titled "From NLP to LLM: Another New Buzzword in Biz." This course aims to enhance the understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a field that employs computer algorithms to analyze and understand human language, evolving into sophisticated Large Language Models (LLMs). Participants will delve into both fundamental and advanced concepts of NLP and LLM, explore the evolution of AI technologies, gain insights into computer language comprehension, and examine real-world case studies.

Led by esteemed AI experts Dr. Phakapoom Sarapat and Mr. Nat Chukamphaeng, both Senior Data Scientists at DataX, the course offers free enrollment to the general public. DataX envisions this collaboration with SCB Academy as a pivotal step in empowering individuals interested in AI, NLP, and LLM to apply their newfound knowledge effectively, aligning with the accelerating trend of AI's significance in shaping the future landscape. Moreover, this initiative underscores DataX's commitment to driving technological advancement within the SCBX Group, striving towards its vision of becoming an AI-first organization.

Enrollment for the "From NLP to LLM: Another New Buzzword in Biz" online course is now open, free of charge. Interested individuals can learn more and register at:

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