InnovestX Unveils 'Wealth Solution' Empowering Efficient Wealth Growth with Expert Fund Selection, All-Weather Investment Advisory and Exclusive Deals

Stocks News Wednesday February 21, 2024 11:21 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

InnovestX Unveils 'Wealth Solution' Empowering Efficient Wealth Growth with Expert Fund Selection, All-Weather Investment Advisory and Exclusive Deals
  • Collaborating with SCBAM to offer special deals: zero front-end fee when purchasing trend-setting global-leading equity funds from today until March 31, 2024.
  • Offering offshore market investment options without foreign stock tax concerns.

InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd., the investment flagship of SCBX Group, is continuously elevating its products and expanding its comprehensive financial investment services with the aim of providing equal access to investments for Thais. The latest launch is the "InnovestX Wealth Solution" a new investment solution that enhances investment efficiency, highlighting 3 key strengths: 1. Curating robust funds from over 1,800 funds across all asset management companies in an unbiased manner; 2. Providing all-weathered investment advisory that meets the needs of each customer segment and suits market conditions at any given time; and 3. Offering great value through exclusive deals. Starting with mutual funds as the first asset class before expanding to other assets in the future, InnovestX has partnered with SCBAM to offer an exclusive deal - zero Front-end Fee when purchasing funds from SCBAM through InnovestX from today until March 31, 2024.

Mr. Payon Pongsawaree, Assistant Managing Director of Wealth Products and Strategy of InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd., stated, "One of the main challenges investors face is the lack of time to closely follow investment news and possibly not having investment advisors, resulting in not receiving timely investment advice. Coupled with the fact that there are a variety of assets available for investors to choose from, especially investments in foreign markets or other alternative assets that offer profit opportunities in each market and asset, including varying economic conditions over time. Therefore, choosing investments and asset allocation that are suitable for the market and economic conditions is extremely important. For this reason, we have developed a new investment solution "InnovestX Wealth Solution", with three key highlights: "1. Curating robust funds without bias, 2. Providing timely and all-weather advisory services, accessible to investors in all market conditions and 3. Offering great value through exclusive deals." This helps investors receive timely news, knowledge, and investment advice tailored to market conditions before making investment decisions, thus enhancing investment efficiency. Leading with mutual funds as our flagship product, we plan to expand our services to include other products such as ETFs, Structured Notes, and many more in the future. The launch is marked by an exclusive deal in collaboration with SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SCBAM), a leading asset management company. This exclusive offer eliminates the front-end fee for purchases of trend-following U.S. index funds and leading global industry funds with potential for future growth through InnovestX, appealing to investors concerned about tax implications on foreign investments. These investments are structured as mutual funds within Thailand, providing a tax-efficient vehicle for investors. For those interested in fund investments and seeking timely, appropriate investment advice, InnovestX Wealth Solution offers a pathway to enhanced investment efficiency.

Key Highlights of InnovestX Wealth Solution:

1.Curated selection of top-tier funds from investment experts who have thoroughly analyzed and selected the best options impartially across all asset management companies (21 AMC) with more than 1,800 funds.

2.Providing timely and all-weather advisory to meet the needs of each customer segment and suit market conditions at any given time.

2.1 For self-directed investors, they can follow what InnovestX has curated through:

- Wealth Idea: a feature within the InnovestX app providing concise and digested investment recommendations and updates such as investment views, entry and exit points from InnovestX experts. Updated weekly, this feature ensures that InnovestX customers remain informed and poised to seize investment opportunities.

  • InnovestX Website: Comprehensive investment advice daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Advisory through other channels such as Line OpenChat: InnovestX Wealth Advisory (exclusive for InnovestX customers only) and InnovestX's social media, offering various advisory content formats like news, investment strategy shows, etc.

2.2 For time-constrained investors: the Intelligent Portfolios service by InnovestX offers automated portfolio selection, organization, and adjustments. Choose from a variety of investment plans tailored to

InnovestX perspectives or insights from renowned investment gurus like Mr. Andrew Stotz and global mega-trends.

3.Offering great value through exclusive deals only for InnovestX customers.

Currently, there's an exclusive offer of a free front-end fee when purchasing funds with SCBAM for trend-leading, high-growth potential funds investing in indices like the S&P 500, the most valuable and strong index in the USA, Russell 2000 investing in small-cap stocks across the USA with high growth potential, or megatrend funds in Health Care and Semiconductor, crucial for future innovations like AI with high growth opportunities.

Presently, InnovestX boasts a customer base of over 900,000 service users. In the year 2023, the number of investors in funds grew significantly by 43% compared to 2022, reflecting the confidence of Thai investors and the business's success in providing comprehensive investment solutions. This aligns with the organization's vision to become ASEAN's trusted leader in investment, while promoting the investment industry in Thailand to ensure investors have equal access to the capital markets and investment advisory.

For more details and additional information about funds, visit or explore investment perspectives from InnovestX experts at

*Before making any investment decisions, investors should study and understand the product characteristics, return conditions, and associated risks.

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