Telehouse Thailand Takes the Lead with the Largest Number of IX Partners, Forming Robust Digital Connections

Technology News Thursday February 22, 2024 13:27 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Telehouse Thailand Takes the Lead with the Largest Number of IX Partners, Forming Robust Digital Connections

Telehouse Thailand is excited to announce the addition of six prominent Internet Exchange (IX) partners, reinforcing its position as the leader in interconnection within the region. The newly formed partnerships include BBIX Thailand (BBIX), BKNIX-JPIX, JasTel Internet Exchange (JTIX), SYMPHONY-IX (SYMC-IX), Thailand IX (TH-IX) and True-IX.

This strategic collaboration significantly elevates Telehouse's position, making it the market leader with the largest number of IX partners. The extended network from all the Internet Exchange Providers (IXPs) at Telehouse, now comprises over 160 networks through these Internet Exchanges, offering a total speed of 8 Terabits per second, creating a strong and interconnected digital ecosystem.

An IXP serves as a pivotal platform allowing Internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery networks (CDNs), and other network providers to exchange Internet traffic on a cost-neutral basis. By connecting to this infrastructure, networks can seamlessly share traffic, building effective connections. Telehouse not only serves as a hub for Internet Exchange Platforms but also hosts critical infrastructure for Thailand's Internet, including International Internet Gateways (IIG) and National Internet Exchanges (NIX).

Telehouse is thrilled to form partnerships with the key domestic Internet exchanges, including BKNIX, JasTel Internet Exchange (JTIX), SYMPHONY-IX (SYMC-IX), Thailand IX (TH-IX), and True-IX. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in fortifying and expanding the Telehouse ecosystem, contributing to the advancement of the broader telecommunications landscape to Thailand.

In addition, Telehouse is pleased to welcome BBIX, renowned Japanese IXP. Also, JPIX partners with BKNIX to provide remote peering between Thailand and Japan. These collaborations are expected to increase international traffic exchanged in Thailand, contributing significantly to the growth of the Thai Internet society.

Telehouse is dedicated to strengthening its leadership in interconnection and building a dynamic connectivity ecosystem. The company aims to position Thailand as a secure and reliable connectivity hub, promoting the growth of a thriving digital society. Furthermore, Telehouse's overarching strategy extends to the CLMV regions (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) within the Mekong Region, where it aims to solidify its role as the Connectivity Hub, facilitating seamless communication and enhancing digital connectivity across these vital markets.

Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse (Thailand), emphasized the significance of the expanded partnerships, stating, "It is a pleasure to collaborate with all our partners who share a common vision to build and strengthen Thailand to become the leading interconnection hub in the region. By connecting various service providers both locally and internationally, Telehouse empowers our customers and partners to exchange internet traffic with enhanced efficiency, low latency, and heightened security. This plays a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the Thai digital society."

Telehouse Thailand continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing digital connectivity and reinforcing its position as a reliable partner for businesses seeking secure and efficient interconnection data centers.

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