Hospitality Group Minor International Collaborates with Workday to Elevate Employee Experience and Talent Management

Economy News Thursday February 29, 2024 10:36 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Hospitality Group Minor International Collaborates with Workday to Elevate Employee Experience and Talent Management

Workday's Suite of Solutions Powered by AI and ML to be Leveraged Across the Group's Hospitality, Restaurant, and Lifestyle Business Units Globally. 

Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ: WDAY), a leading provider of solutions to help organizations manage their people and money, today announced that it is collaborating with one of Asia Pacific's largest hospitality, restaurant and lifestyle groups - Minor International Pcl (MINT) - to elevate employee experience and talent management across the entire organisation. 

Headquartered in Thailand, Minor International needed an agile global talent management system to support its strong growth ambitions across all its business units and integrate its workforce globally. By leveraging Workday solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Minor International will be able to streamline its HR processes and empower employees to be their most productive. This in turn, helps enable the company to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers and employees alike. 

"At Minor, we are a people-powered business and it is as crucial for us to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers as for our people. With Workday, we are transforming our HR processes to empower our employees to be the best version of themselves every day," said Aurakanda Attavipach, Chief People Officer, Minor International Pcl. "From enhancing employee engagement experience on routine HR tasks through to facilitating talent optimisation programmes, our team is now better equipped to support our employees holistically." 

Through the upcoming deployment of Workday Human Capital Management, manual workflows will be automated, freeing up time for employees to take on more value-added tasks. In addition, with Workday's cloud-based solution, Minor International can now connect with its third-party providers around the world more seamlessly and gain a comprehensive view of data globally. 

Additionally, Minor International's leaders can harness the power of data-driven insights through a single system for talent optimisation and to make more informed and faster decisions. For example, they can tap into critical data such as performance, skills, and career interests, to understand the talent that already exists within their workforce and identify opportunities to upskill employees for stronger business success. 

"The relationship between employee experience and customer experience is symbiotic and pivotal to the success of any business. With a happier, more engaged workforce, Minor International not only retains its best and brightest talent, but also help ensure that a welcoming, inclusive environment is cultivated where employees can thrive and deliver world-class hospitality to customers. We are proud to be part of Minor International's journey to innovate and transform its global talent system," said Pannie Sia, general manager, ASEAN, Workday. 

Finally, with Workday, Minor International will also be able to build tailored, concierge-style experiences for employees, with recommendations and steps to succeed in their roles. This brings about better engagement with employees. 

Left to Right: Khun Chompunuth Weerawatgumpa, Group Director of Corporate Shared Service and People System, Minor International, Mrs Aurakanda Attavipach, Chief People Officer, Minor International, Mr Dillip Rajakarier, Group Chief Executive Officer of Minor International / Chief Executive Officer of Minor Hotels, Mr Fabio Tiviti, Chief Operating Officer, APAC and Japan, Workday, Ms Pannie Sia, General Manager, ASEAN, Workday, Khun Arpaporn Wuddhikullaphak, Thailand Country Manager, Workday


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