CP Foods Enhances Food Safety Through Innovative SMART Internal Auditors Initiative

Economy News Friday March 1, 2024 18:09 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

CP Foods Enhances Food Safety Through Innovative SMART Internal Auditors Initiative

In an ongoing commitment to building trust with customers and consumers, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is ongoing launching the Smart Internal Auditors (Smart IA) program. This initiative is designed to reinforce confidence in the quality and safety of CP Foods' products.

Siripong Aroonratana, Chief Operating Officer - Livestock Business, highlighted CP Foods' commitment to enhancing food quality and safety for the assurance of consumers, customers, and stakeholders. By cultivating proficient internal auditors, CP Foods aims to drive improvements in food safety and sustainable product development, aligning with CP Foods' Standard and other international benchmarks.

Since 2022, CP Foods, in collaboration with the Bureau of International Standards Systems, initiated the SMART IA Pilot Project in Nakhon Ratchasima province, also known as the Korat model. This initiative has expanded to include the complete broiler and broiler duck business in Saraburi, Minburi, and Bangna. Presently, the company has developed 55 SMART Internal Auditors who meet the project's criteria. These auditors oversee the entire CP Foods value chain, from animal feed factories to processed food facilities.

Siripong emphasized CP Foods' focus on personnel development, particularly in their roles as internal auditors, to drive organizational enhancement and improvement. The "SMART IA-Internal Audit, smart team, strong work" project aims to cultivate internal auditors capable of meeting international standards such as ISO 19011:2018. By adhering to this guideline for auditing management systems, CP Foods endeavors to elevate food safety, quality, and sustainability.

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