A Third-Year CG Major at the School of ICT, design Packaging for Community Entrepreneurs and Enterprises, collaborating in Product Development and Creation

General News Monday March 4, 2024 10:31 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

A Third-Year CG Major at the School of ICT, design Packaging for Community Entrepreneurs and Enterprises, collaborating in Product Development and Creation

On February 16th, 2024, third-year students from the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Department at the School of Information and Communication Technology, University of Phayao, presented 11 works as part of course 229313, 'Creative Local Community Wisdom and Innovation of Graphics and Multimedia Design,' instructed by Dr. Suleeporn Khamchomphu. These works were developed in collaboration with entrepreneurs, communities, and community enterprises, with a focus on product creation and packaging. The course emphasizes learning guidelines for utilizing local wisdom in graphic and multimedia design, managing local wisdom with technology, and fostering community and environmental relations. Through practical application, students gain insight into real-world scenarios, preparing them for future endeavors.

The 11 pieces of packaging designed for the community and community enterprises are listed below:

  • "Phueng Noi Roi Rak" developed and created by Nanthikarn Chanbua, Chayanon Thammawong and Benyapa Thasripho
  • "Baimai Laailak" developed and created by Kriangsak Phanluang, Atthaya Chaiphirom, Thapanas Bunma, and Sanuwat Yosthi
  • "Hi So Zaab Ltd./ Suktae Community Enterprise, Phayao" developed and created by Karnit Phumma, Natthachaya Sudprasert, Putthipong Hongyon, Sornchakorn Lamoontri, and Sasikarn Saengsrichan
  • "Baan Rak Khanom Community Enterprise" (Eat Food Good Learning) developed and created by Kritiporn Wannasin, Thanyaret Khamfu, Supanee Thammacharoen, and Chananchida Bunma
  • "Cloth Product Processing Group Community Enterprise, Wat Sri Umong Kham Community" developed and created by Patcharadol Soimanee, Panuwat Saiwaew and Saruttaya Phothiwat
  • "Wat Tilok Aram Community Enterprise, Tourism and Cultural Creative Community" developed and created by Natthida Prathomtham, Sothicha Charoenrup and Krittanan Anupap
  • "Community Enterprise, Thung Kham Mai Community Rice Center" developed and created by Nawarat Hongthong, Ek - Thanaphat Inkhanda, and Nanthaphob Chamroon
  • "Khao Taen Wong Nam Taeng Mo Mae Bua Noi" developed and created by Phummithat Inbuathong, Siriwat Manoruang, Natthaphon Phondongnok, Supawit Krainara and Phakkaphon Jonglang.
  • "Tiankaew Organic Rice" developed and created by Chana Kaewhinin, Jirapong Chummongkol and Phongsathorn Pongkawong.
  • "Wat Luang Ratchasanthan Community Embroidery Group" developed and created by Apimook Yamsiri, Jarukit. Tangsongsuwan, Chetaniphat Naitip and Nithikorn Thongkamdee
  • "DIY Farm Ban Bua Group" developed and created by Naphat Jaiwandee, Jirapat Ka-uan Natnicha Chaiyasit, Napassorn Chuenwarin, and Phawit Ruchurojt.
  • At the meeting, entrepreneurs, communities, and community enterprises came together to collaborate with the new generation. They listened to the introductions of the young individuals and encouraged their creative endeavors. The entrepreneurs were greatly impressed by the creations and recognized the added value they brought. They also offered constructive feedback to help further develop the works of the new generation.

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