MAAI BY KTC Partners with J POINT to Enhance Platform Connectivity: Unlocking Redemption Options and Wider Range of Member Privileges

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MAAI BY KTC Partners with J POINT to Enhance Platform Connectivity: Unlocking Redemption Options and Wider Range of Member Privileges

MAAI BY KTC and J POINT, the points system within the Jaymart Group, have joined forces to enhance and expand the ecosystem. This collaboration connects the points platforms, offering a unique experience for members to transfer and exchange points between MAAI Point and J POINT, catering to diverse lifestyle needs as well as introducing a range of special privileges to members.

Miss Usanee Laohavaranun, Head of Marketing Communication & MAAI Business, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, stated that MAAI BY KTC, a full-service digital loyalty platform service provider, manages reward points and lifestyle privileges, catering to various business needs, recently collaborated with J-Elite Company Limited, a loyalty program platform provider under the Jaymart Group, known as "J POINT," to offer special privileges for exchanging between MAAI Point and J POINT, as follows:

  • Exchange every 100 J POINT to 65 MAAI Point via LINE Official: J POINT.
  • Exchange every 100 MAAI Point to 65 J POINT via the MAAI BY KTC application.

MAAI BY KTC and J POINT members can exchange points from March 8, 2024, to March 7, 2025, with a minimum exchange of 100 points per transaction. There is no maximum limit on the number of points and on the number of exchanges throughout the promotion period.

Currently, MAAI BY KTC features a partner network of over 40 leading stores and more than 3,500 points redemption locations. Members can use MAAI Points to scan and pay at over 1.8 million affiliated stores nationwide, catering to various lifestyle needs, including dining, shopping, and travel.

Mr. Nathaphop Thammachat, Assistant Vice President, J-Elite Company Limited, stated that J POINT is a reward points system within the Jaymart Group. It serves as a loyalty program platform that manages customer relationships, and aids in gaining insights and understanding customers better across all dimensions through the offering of various privileges. J POINT operates as a digital point accumulation system that functions through the LINE Official Account on the LINE application, where customers earn points for every amount spent on purchasing products or services. Accumulated points can be redeemed for discounts and a wide range of special deals from all companies within the Jaymart Group, including those in the Retail and Financial Groups, as well as various business partners.

For more information, please contact MAAI BY KTC 02 123 5678 or visit

Remark: Terms and conditions are as specified by the company.

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