FWD Insurance introduces "CI ALL-in-One," a comprehensive critical illness insurance plan that provides continuous coverage in one plan

Stocks News Friday April 5, 2024 14:46 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

FWD Insurance introduces

FWD Life Insurance Plc. ("FWD Insurance") presents "CI ALL-in-One," a comprehensive critical illness insurance plan packaged to cover all concerns. This plan provides extensive protection and lump sum benefits upon the diagnosis of 50 critical illnesses. It ensures continuous coverage from diagnosis through the after-treatment period, offering complete reimbursement for actual treatment expenses related to critical illnesses, general illnesses, and accidents. Additionally, it includes daily compensation for inpatient treatment for the 50 critical illnesses.

Mr. David Koruni?, Chief Executive Officer for Thailand & Cambodia of FWD Insurance, said that in today's dynamic environment, we face various risks of critical illnesses. The expenses involved, from medical expenses to recovery and rehabilitation during hospitalization, can be significant. Moreover, there is the potential for loss of income due to necessary hospitalization. Acknowledging these challenges, we have developed the "CI ALL-in-One" insurance policy to cater to our customers' needs comprehensively. With its extensive coverage, we aim to provide peace of mind, enabling our customers to manage critical illnesses, cope with associated expenses, and navigate life confidently.

Key Highlights:

-       Receive a lump sum payment equivalent to 100% of the sum assured on the additional critical illness insurance contract, CI 50 rider, upon diagnosis of 50 critical illnesses.

-       Enjoy peace of mind from complete coverage of actual treatment expenses following the diagnosis of any of the 50 critical illnesses, including critical illnesses, general illnesses, and injuries from accidents.

-       Ensure uninterrupted income with daily compensation of up to 2,500 Baht per day during hospitalization due to any of the 50 critical illnesses, doubling when admitted to the intensive care unit.

-       Access comprehensive cancer treatment coverage, including additional coverage for genomic testing for cancer treatment, new curative treatments, and alternative medical therapies such as traditional Thai or Chinese medicine, chiropractic care, and other types of therapies (depending on the selected plan).

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