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Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and breath-taking natural beauty of Koh Samui with our curated local experiences, designed to give you a genuine taste of island life.

At the edge of the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui stands as a radiant jewel in the crown of Southeast Asia, renowned not just for its pristine beaches but as a destination teeming with diverse transformational experiences. Here, the pristine beaches tempt travellers with the lure of tranquillity, adventure, and a fascinating local culture, all packaged into this exceptional tropical Thai destination, that caters to all ages. "A visit to Koh Samui with Four Seasons unfurls a canvas of endless possibilities," shares Jasjit Assi, General Manager. "With its eclectic landscapes and lively island vibe, it is the perfect microcosm of a tropical Thai destination, with a little something for everyone along its sun-kissed shores."

Embracing Nature's Serenity in Koh Samui with Four Seasons

When Resort Manager Hannes Schneider arrived on the island, the first thing that struck him was the natural wealth and tropical bounty that immediately engulfs one into its embrace. "The nature Gods have been very generous with Samui as you can see!" he laughs, pointing to the setting of Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui on the northwestern tip of the island. Draped across a dramatic cliff ide, the villas are tucked into the dense tropical vegetation within these contours, each with a private pool that offers unhindered views of the gorgeous white sand beach and azure waters. In the distance, the collection of islands that comprise Angthong Marine National Park are a sight to behold - like a necklace of emeralds lying carelessly on a bed of aquamarine blue. "Snorkelling sites accessible by boat or the Resort's private yacht are a great way to explore the islands, and guests can even plan a night out here under a stunning starry sky," suggests Shivan Pillay, Director of Rooms and Residences. Boat trips to Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum, exploration of the mystical Monk Cave, and marvelling at the iconic Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks, are just a prelude to the island's enchanting secrets.

Discover Koh Samui's Local Culture with Four Seasons

With plenty of local tradition and heritage to unlock in Thailand, an island such as Koh Samui is coalesced even further. An open museum to visitors, the daily life of the Thai people plays out from the local wet markets to the stupas of the Buddhist temples that dot the landscape. Visitors looking for soulful experiences will find the serene beauty of Wat Plai Laem dedicated to Cundi, a popular female deity, depicted as a multi-armed Goddess in East Asian Buddhism. Nearby, the grandiose Big Buddha statue looms over the Gulf of Thailand from its perch on Koh Phan, a little promontory accessible by a causeway just north of the Samui International Airport. Another popular site of veneration is Wat Khunaram, just inland from the beautiful white sands of Lamai Beach, where the mummified body of a beloved Samui monk - Luang Pho Daeng - is displayed in a glass casket for curious visitors. Farming and fishing are two staples of the local economy that have persisted for centuries, and even today are the mainstay for many Samui families. "A visit to a coconut plantation, or a ride on a hand crafted long-tail fishing boat offer fascinating insight into these age-old occupations," says Schneider.

Koh Samui After Dusk: Night Markets and Shopping Excursions

The cacophony of the local night markets - including the now famous Fisherman's Village in Bophut - can be very catchy, and highlight the many vibrant facets of Thai cuisine and folk industry. As the setting sun paints the sky with hues of gold and amber, the streets of Chaweng and Bophut come alive with stalls selling everything - from spicy raw papaya salad to intricate artwork and trinkets. "The atmosphere is euphoric, and every night is a carnival off the sidewalks, with music and entertainment adding to the ambience," he shares.

Bespoke Island Journeys Tailored by Four Seasons Koh Samui

Indulge in the pinnacle of personalized luxury with our private yacht excursions, offering journeys to neighbouring islands where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of turquoise seas and lush green forests, or simply unwind beneath the shade of a coconut tree on a pristine beach. Tailored itineraries by the Resort's concierge team take visitors off the beaten track and deeper into the island way of life, exploring the various facets of a Koh Samui vacation. "Authentic culinary journeys that foster a meaningful connection with Samui are what we strive to deliver," adds Pillay. "Whether it is tracing the essence of a Thai meal in an engaging traditional Thai cooking class with our chefs, or a private snorkelling session to explore the hidden coral reef with our marine biologist, we make sure every activity is personal and insightful."

Culinary Wonders: Savor the Flavours at Four Seasons Koh Samui

"The recently launched Michelin guide to Samui has created a buzz on the island, and guests can feel the fervour on the island, which boasts sophisticated dining establishments, hidden local gems and the magic of dining under the stars. "Signature seafood specials and exotic Thai recipes are elevated further when served right at ocean's edge in memorable moments such as the Once In A Blue Moon dinner for two," remarks Schneider.

Serene Retreats: Wellness Experiences at Four Seasons Koh Samui

Health and healing are equally important aspect of Samui's emergence as a complete destination. Many renowned wellness practitioners and holistic healers call the island home, and the backdrop of natural bounty amplify the benefits of a tropical vacation. The soulful nature of Buddhist philosophy is paramount at places such as the Dipabhavan Meditation Centre and the Vikasa Yoga Retreat where the journey towards wellbeing is nurtured carefully. "Tucked away into the dense foliage down at the shoreline The Secret Garden Spa is an award-winning sanctuary of wellness," says Pillay. Here, rituals such as the Nam Bliss and Lom Fusion, engage the senses and heal the body with a combination of massage techniques and herbal poultices that truly reflect the wellbeing practices of the land."

Adventure in Koh Samui with Four Seasons

With so much on offer, capturing it all into one itinerary can be daunting. "Our concierge team will make sure your preferences are captured so you can experience the unique motifs of the island," insists Pillay. So whether it is a zip-lining adventure at Lipa Noi, a trek to the rumbling Namuang waterfall 2 or a diving excursion to Chumphon Pinnacle at Koh Tao, the Resort has every need covered. "Muay Thai is a national obsession," grins Schneider. It is common to see prize fights being promoted with music and dance on mobile ad vans. "A ring-side seat at the Phetchbuncha Stadium, while not for the faint of heart, is an electrifying experience that can be arranged by the concierge team," he suggests.

Memories are what make a holiday worthwhile and at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. "We are committed to creating experiences and unforgettable moments that guests can take back with them, and then dream of coming back for more!" beams Assi.   

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