CP Foods partners with Ministry of Labor to Establish Drug-Free Workplace Model

Economy News Monday April 22, 2024 10:00 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

CP Foods partners with Ministry of Labor to Establish Drug-Free Workplace Model

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is committed to achieving drug-free workplaces in its farms and factories nationwide by 2024, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor to combat and eradicate drug use in the workplace. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of life for employees, foster resilient communities, and promote sustainable economic growth. It sets the goal for all operational sites throughout Thailand to attain White Factory Certification by 2024.

Mr. Phipat Ratchakitprakarn, the Minister of Labor, chaired the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on collaborating to prevent narcotics in the workplace under "the White Organization Towards Sustainable Steps" project between the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, and CP Foods. At the event, the Minister also awarded the White Flag for Drug-Free Organization to Mr. Prasit Boondoungprasert, CEO of CP Foods, in recognition of their anti-drug initiatives aligned with the White Factory Certificate and the Standard on Prevention and Solution to Drug Problems in an Establishment.

The Minister of Labor emphasized that the issue of drug abuse is a top priority on the national agenda, and the government is taking urgent action as part of its strategy to ensure the country's robust and sustainable development. The Ministry of Labor is actively promoting collaboration from all sectors, both public and private, to systematically prevent and address drug use in workplaces in line with the White Factory criteria. This initiative guarantees a safe working environment for employees by effectively managing drug addiction. It sets an example of exemplary labor practices equally without discrimination, ensuring the consistent well-being of all employees thereby enhancing the well-being of the workers across Thailand. Such efforts serve as a crucial catalyst for driving sustained economic growth in the nation.

"I commend CP Foods for partnering with the government sector to tackle drug issues within their establishments systematically. The company's efforts have been efficient, standardized, and effective while showing care for surrounding communities. Their dedication has bolstered organizations and notably decreased the prevalence of drug addiction in society," stated Mr. Phipat.

Mr. Prasit Boonduangprasert, CEO of CP Foods, emphasized that employees are crucial in driving the company towards achieving its Kitchen of the World vision. The cooperation under the "CPF:  White Organization Towards Sustainable Steps" project, underscores the company's unwavering commitment to establishing drug-free workplaces. CP Foods consistently implements robust labor management practices aimed at fostering drug-free environments across all its operations nationwide, encompassing farms and plants that employ over 70,000 staff members, including Thai nationals and migrant workers. With targets set for this year, all 437 operational sites in Thailand have obtained White Factory Certificates, and meet stringent standards for preventing and addressing drug-related issues in the workplace. This initiative is geared towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organization, communities, and the nation at large.

"CP Foods is pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of Labor to establish a model organization caring for all employees and ensuring nearby communities are resilient, supporting a strong Thai society, and fostering sustainable economic growth. This aligns with the three benefits principle of CP Group that all staff members adhere to, where the interests of the nation come first, followed by the interests of the people, and finally, the interests of the company," said Mr. Prasit.

CP Foods is actively addressing drug-related issues by collaborating with relevant stakeholders to develop strategies for creating drug-free workplaces. To address the concerns of all employees impartially and without discrimination, the company has initiated anti-drug campaigns and programs that uphold human rights principles. These initiatives include educating employees on drug addiction policies, providing training to enhance their skills, and establishing a robust support network to mitigate drug-related risks. Furthermore, the company's policy includes support for employees undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, and opportunities for reintegrating them into the workforce. CP Foods collaborates with neighboring communities to address drug issues and promote resilient communities. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure that the company and surrounding communities remain free from drug addiction, contributing to the well-being of employees and nearby residents alike.

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