Great value promotion at Health Club - the Emerald Hotel

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Great value promotion at Health Club - the Emerald Hotel

This summer, get ready to show off your sexy figure to wow your friends! Our promotions fully prepared and waiting for you to come and try out the program. You'll definitely get a great figure instantly at Health Club of the Emerald Hotel.

Special privileges for health club members in addition to access to fitness services, cardio, weight training, aerobics, squash, snooker, and table tennis, with professional trainers to advise on the use of equipment. You can also join various special class activities. Use the outdoor swimming pool. Complete with areas for relaxing and sunbathing, sauna room, stream room, and hot and cold jacuzzi tubs as well.

Just sign up for an annual membership and get 1 extra month free, for a total of 13 months. Apply for 6 months, get free! 1 dinner buffet voucher. Receives a 50% discount on an annual locker for old members (3 years up) or apply for a 1-month trial promotion for only 3,000 baht. A great value promotion like this. Hurry and apply!! Only within 30 June 2024.

For more information, kindly call 0-2276-4567 ext. 8340 or line @theemeraldhotel and

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