Bangkok Bank joins Money Expo 2024 to offer new experience and financial solutions while highlighting the concept of 'Enabling Your Financial Journey' to create wealth in the digital age

Stocks News Thursday May 16, 2024 15:16 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok Bank joins Money Expo 2024 to offer new experience and financial solutions while highlighting the concept of 'Enabling Your Financial Journey' to create wealth in the digital age

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Pochanee Kongkalai, Executive Vice President and Credit Card Division Manager Shoke Na Ranong ,Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited President Pichet Sithi-Amnua, Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited Executive Vice President Lasa Sophonpanich Bualuang Asset Management Company Limited Managing Director, Head of Business Distribution Wasin Wattanaworakijkul Bangkok Capital Asset Management Company Limited (BCAP Asset) Managing Director Mayvadee Prasertsubtanah welcomed to the opening of the Bank's booth at Money Expo Bangkok 2024 the Director and Manager of The Stock Exchange of Thailand Dr. Pakorn Pitathawatchai, Money Expo President Santi Viriyarangsarit and Money Expo Co-president Pakanee Viriyarangsarit. Bangkok Bank's booth promoted the concept of "Enabling Your Financial Journey" while inviting customers to experience all forms of digital finance at Money Expo 2024, from May 16-19, 2024, at Challenger Hall 2-3, IMPACT Arena Muang Thong Thani

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Pochanee Kongkalai said the Bank participates in Money Expo every year to showcase the full range of financial products offered by Bangkok Bank Group. This year's Money Expo's theme is "Digital finance for all" which aligns with the acceleration of financial services in the digital age. The Bank adopted "Enabling your financial journey" as the theme for its booth to reflect its commitment to be a trusted partner who stands together with customers on their financial journey by offering products and services that meet the needs of every lifestyle in the digital age to achieve every financial goal.

"The Covid-19 pandemic over the past three years accelerated digital banking adoption. As a result, we developed financial services in line with digital lifestyles by enhancing digital capabilities of our products and services from offline to online. This will enable our customers to make transactions conveniently, safely, anytime and anywhere while also supporting our business customers going through digital transformation. As a trusted partner, it is an important mission to support our customers to invest in a smooth digital transformation," said Mrs. Pochanee.

Customers can choose the products that match their goals. The booth is divided into three zones:

  • Digital wealth zone - Featuring services to strengthen financial wealth covering loans, health and life insurance and investment via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking as follows:
    • Mutual funds - Funds on offer include Bualuang Global Innovation and Technology Fund (B-INNOTECH), Bualuang Dynamic Bond Fund (B-DYNAMIC BOND) from BBL Asset Management, BCAP Global Multi Asset Fund and BCAP Global Multi Asset Plus Fund from BCAP Asset Management. Customers can open a mutual fund account, sell/purchase or switch funds and sign up for the DCA service via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking. Special! Customers opening a mutual fund account and purchasing mutual funds with Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking from January 2 to December 30, 2024 will get a 100 baht Starbucks e-Coupon per customer. For retirement planning and/or long-term investment with tax benefits, customers can purchase RMF/SSF or Thai ESG Funds worth 100,000 - 299,999 baht and get one Classic Bag valued at 200 baht. A purchase of 300,000 baht and above will get a Gadget Bag with a universal adaptor/customer valued at 600 baht (subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.)
    • Bancassurance - Life and non-life insurance from our partners, AIA, Bangkok Life Assurance and Bangkok Insurance, that provides a wide range of protection. When applying for bancassurance and paying a premium that meets the required criteria, customers will receive a Starbucks voucher worth up to 1,000 baht. Customers applying for Gain 1st Simple, Gain 1st 424 (with dividend) or Gain 1st e-Savings 10/5 via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking will receive cash back up to 5% of the premium.
  • Digital lifestyle zone - Featuring everyday banking services including convenient and fast payment services that meet spending and transport needs as follows:
    • Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking - a convenient and secure service. Feature highlights are Quick Pay which enables customers to scan to pay quickly without having to input a PIN with a daily limit up to 5,000 baht, Lock & Unlock for peace of mind as you can temporarily lock your account anywhere anytime by yourself (Self-Control) via mobile which will disable funds transfers/ top-up/ payments, and facial recognition for funds transfers/ top-up/ payments. Special! meet 'Nong Jud' mascot, a whale shark character who can be a trusted partner who can help you take care of your financial matters, at the expo. Customers who complete Hunt Plankton activity by collecting plankton via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking will receive a Pouch bag valued at 85 baht or who apply for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking at Money Expo will receive a Be Mobile Nong Jud bag valued at 259 baht.
    • Digital Debit Card - Bangkok Bank M Visa, a co-branded virtual card meets the lifestyle needs of young shoppers. Offers for cardholders, under a collaboration with the Mall Group, are a discount of 5% when purchasing a normal-price item at department stores in the Mall Group or Gourmet Market for 800 baht/sales slip or receive double M Point for every 25 baht spent. Special! Apply for any Be1st Digital at Money Expo and receive a Jay The Rabbit cloth bag valued at 899 baht.
    • e-Savings account - Simply open an e-Savings account via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, then you can save, transfer, make payments, invest conveniently via the application. Special! open an e-Savings account and verify your identity with Be My ID at Money Expo and receive a Be Cool cloth bag valued at 199 baht.
    • Credit card - Bangkok Bank M Visa credit card offers privileges at department stores under the Mall Group e.g. a discount up to 10%, up to 4 MPoints, 0% installment for 10 months and many other privileges when making purchases overseas.
  • Business transformation zone - Featuring loans for SME operators and advisory services for businesses as follows:
    • Bualuang Transformation Loan - Additional loan of 20 billion baht to help SME operators with a fixed interest rate of 5% and up to 5 years repayment term.
  • Other special! offers at the event include a cheerful tote bag worth up to 250 baht or upcycling clutch bag worth up to 350 baht for customers applying for a participating product or service that meet the criteria.

    Interested customers can receive financial and investment advice, apply for services and receive promotions at the Bangkok Bank booth at Money Expo 2024 from May 16-19, 2024 at Challenger Hall 2-3, IMPACT Arena Muang Thong Thani.

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