KTC Joins Forces with Safari World for "KTC Fun & Friend Family Day" Inviting Travel Influencers and Family to Experience "Unlimited Experiences with Fewer Points".

Stocks News Friday May 17, 2024 11:32 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

KTC Joins Forces with Safari World for

Miss Varitta Phatanarajta, Head of Credit Card Marketing Division, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, in collaboration with Miss Ampornsri Kewkacha, Director and Assistant Vice President, Safari World Public Company Limited, organized the "KTC Fun & Friend Family Day @ Safari World" activity and invited over 30 travel influencers and their family members. Participants had the opportunity to experience "Unlimited Experiences with Fewer Points" and exchange KTC FOREVER points for Safari World tickets or soft-serve ice cream cones featuring giraffes, zebras, and macaws at Safari World on Ramintra Road.

During the event, influencers gathered to feed the giraffes at the Giraffe Zone and experience "Camp Kangaroo," a new camping spot providing the natural ambiance of the Australian continent, a unique feature in Thailand. They also had the chance to interact closely with adorable kangaroos, feeding them "BBQ Corn" and exploring the "Tree House Aviary & Kitchen" zones where they could touch and feed over 200 brightly colored small birds, Sun Conures, using new "ice cream cones" bird food, produced by Safari World's formula, researched by a team of bird experts and Safari World veterinarians. The day continued with captivating shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, and birds, along with thrilling cowboy stunts. Attendees also took cute pictures with the safari's beloved stars, including the little orangutan at the "Nature Studio." The event concluded with a special "Safari Feeding," a one-of-a-kind experience in Thailand, where participants could feel the excitement of feeding tigers and lions from the Feeding Truck, closely supervised by safari officials.

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