RML completes 'Phase One' of its capital increase

Stocks News Friday May 17, 2024 12:53 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

RML completes 'Phase One' of its capital increase

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited) has successfully completed the first phase of its registered capital increase and is ready to proceed with organizational reforms and project development as planned under the leadership of Brenton Mauriello AM. On May 16, 2024, RML received funds from the offering of additional common shares to Woodchester Investing Capital Limited, which is headed by Kris Narongdej, totaling approximately 580 million Baht.

Additionally, RML is pleased to have Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited as a shareholder of RML. This investment by Muang Thai Insurance PLC further reinforces the confidence of the market and leading Thai institutions in RML as we seek to realise our full growth potential.

Brenton Mauriello AM, Chief Executive Officer of RML, commented "We are incredibly pleased to have successfully secured the first phase of our capital increase and to welcome such a significant new shareholder. These funds will enable us to drive the organization forward in line with our recently announced growth strategy into the ultra-luxury segment."

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