Krungsri receives "Silver Creator Award" from YouTube, reflecting its dedication to delivering financial knowledge that satisfies consumer needs

Stocks News Monday May 20, 2024 11:33 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Krungsri receives

Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL and its business units), led by Miss Yaowaluck Charnyapornpong, Executive Vice President, Head of Mass Retail Division, receives the Silver Creator Award from YouTube, thanks to the impressive following of over 100,000 subscribers on Krungsri Simple channel. Krungsri has achieved this through dedication to promoting online platforms as comprehensive knowledge hubs. Through its program, "Krungsri The COACH," under the concept of "Making Financial Matters Simple", Krungsri has consolidated financial wisdom across all dimensions. Its popular content includes 'Krungsri The COACH: Can't Figure It Out? We'll Answer', 'Krungsri the COACH x Krungsri Exclusive' and 'Double Espresso by Krungsri the COACH'. With over 6 million views on YouTube in the past year, these programs have not only garnered significant viewership but also contributed to increasing subscribers. This recognition highlights Krungsri's steadfast dedication to serving as an online content hub, providing easily comprehensible financial knowledge tailored to the needs of today's consumers.

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