Nestle Supports "Thailand's Best Coffee Beans" Competition Elevating Sustainable Coffee Farming in Thailand to an International Level

Economy News Tuesday May 21, 2024 15:10 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Nestle Supports

Nestle (Thai) Limited is supporting the "Thailand's Best Coffee Beans 2024" competition organized by the Department of Agriculture, government agencies, industry associations, and the private sector in the coffee business. This year's competition features two categories: the "Thailand's Best Coffee Beans" category and the "Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Regenerative Agriculture" category. Coffee farmers nationwide are invited to participate in improving the quality of Thai coffee beans to meet international levels. The competition aims to promote the principles of regenerative agriculture in coffee farming to increase yield and quality, while improving soil health, restoring water resources, and conserving natural resources through good farm management practices. Ensuring sustainable coffee farming from farm to cup will help to further develop the Thai coffee industry while improving the quality of life for the country's farmers. Nestle will also leverage its expertise in regenerative agriculture to establish the criteria for this competition.

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