J&T Express Partners with the Royal Forest Department to Launch "J&T Forest Project", Raising Awareness of Environmental Conservation

Economy News Friday May 24, 2024 17:06 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

J&T Express Partners with the Royal Forest Department to Launch

J&T Express, a global logistics service provider, with the Royal Forest Department are committed to increasing green spaces and creating firebreaks to prevent wildfires. This initiative recognises the importance of conserving nature and the environment and celebrating World Forestry Day. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has designated 21 March each year as World Forestry Day to raise awareness of the limited forest resources. J&T Express sees this as an excellent opportunity to promote the planting, restoration, and conservation of forests, expand green spaces, and create firebreaks to prevent the spread and burning of forests in the current era of global warming.

J&T Express, in collaboration with the Royal Forest Department and about 250 volunteers, including 100-150 villagers, government representatives, forest department officials, and J&T Express employees, reinforced its commitment to participate in activities under the "J&T Forest'' project. On May 10, 2024, constructed firebreaks to prepare for planting trees. Currently, over 2,000 trees across more than 10 acres are ready to be planted through the J&T Forest ceremony held in the national forest areas of Kheaw Ra Bom and Yat Si forests at No. 19, Nhong Yai Klom village, Moo 11, Thung Phraya Sub-district, Sanam Chaiya Khet District, Chachoengsao.

Lily Chen, CMO of J&T Express, stated, "We are extremely proud to partner with the Royal Forest Department and local communities for this sustainable initiative as we recognize the ongoing and increasing issue of PM 2.5 dust, we invite everyone to help restore our ecosystems. Even small contributions can lead to significant positive impacts if we work together. Forests are vital to our planet's health, providing clean air, moisture, and habitat for countless species. This project is not just about creating firebreaks or planting trees; it's about building a sustainable future for our environment." 

This activity is part of a long-term sustainability plan. J&T Express and the Royal Forest Department commit to monitoring, protecting, and nurturing the forest in the future to ensure that these and future sustainability efforts benefit the ecosystem. Proper planning, including selecting tree species and planting locations, is crucial to avoiding disrupting natural order.

Mr. Jaiying Ngamkham, Chairperson and Deputy President of Thungpraya Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO), said, "These trees will serve as a valuable legacy for the Thai people in the future, providing both direct and indirect benefits." Additionally, Mr. Thianchai Preeda, Director of the Reforestation Promotion Office, also attended the event as a representative of the Director of the Department of Forest Resource Management Office No. 9, Prachin Branch.

J&T Express and the Royal Forest Department aim to create activities that promote environmental sustainability and inspire society to recognise the importance of nature. Together, we can ensure that the success of this collaboration brings lasting benefits for the future.

Moreover, Mario Maurer, brand ambassador of J&T Express, has participated in the J&T Forest project, which supports environmental conservation activities and aims to create and preserve benefits and a sustainable impact on sustainability for the future.

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