Jobsdb by SEEK recommends all organizations embrace Fair Hiring Policy to attract top-tier talent, promote diversity, overcome social barriers, and enhance workforce opportunities.

Economy News Tuesday June 18, 2024 10:45 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Jobsdb by SEEK recommends all organizations embrace Fair Hiring Policy to attract top-tier talent, promote diversity, overcome social barriers, and enhance workforce opportunities.
  • Jobsdb by SEEK is the first job recruitment platform in Thailand to implement Fair Hiring policies since 2022
  • Research reveals that many companies still have limitations in the hiring criteria based on age and gender.

Jobsdb by SEEK maintains its leadership as the Thailand First recruitment platform, advocating for non-discrimination policies and welcoming Pride Month. By recommending employers to post job ads without age, gender, race, nationality, or marital status restrictions to increase opportunity to attract the right candidates, selecting based on suitable knowledge and experience, and supporting individual equality in all aspects.

Ms. Duangporn Prom-on, Managing Director of Jobsdb by SEEK, states that as the pioneer in Fair Hiring policies in Thailand since 2022, Jobsdb by SEEK prioritized and respected diversity. We recommend that employers post job ads without restrictions based on age, gender, race, nationality, marital status, and other factors that may indicate discriminatory practices in job postings for all positions since 2022. The Fair Hiring policy from SEEK, our Australia-based parent company, we have implemented across 8 countries in the APAC region.

The Puay Ung Phakorn Economic Research Institute, covering job postings in Thailand from October 2020 to July 2023, from over 5,500 employers and 300,000 job advertisements, found that age and gender restrictions persist in the current job market. Nearly 40% of job postings for positions requiring education below bachelor's degree level specify a preferred gender. For positions requiring a master's degree or higher, only 6% specify gender. Jobs predominantly seeking male applicants are technical or construction-related, while those primarily seeking female applicants are in accounting or administrative roles. 

Ms. Duangporn further emphasizes that Fair Hiring not only helps organizations overcome the challenge of finding candidates but also increases opportunities for employers to find right candidate s with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills suitable for the position. It also enhances opportunities for the success of all candidates in Thailand, who are unique and uniquely talented individuals.

The article "Life of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Workplace" posted on the Jobsdb by SEEK website reveals 7 common challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people in the workplace. These challenges include gender-restricted job applications, reluctance to disclose their true identities, feelings of exclusion, obstacles to career path, discrimination from clients, encountering derogatory remarks and difficulties accessing benefits and privileges.

To support LGBTQ+ employees, Jobsdb by SEEK suggests implementing policies approaches within the organization. These include upholding respect and privacy for all individuals. Advocating for equal treatment of all employees, discouraging inappropriate conversations that may lead to bullying. Treating LGBTQ+ employees like any other employees, providing training and fostering understanding among all employees. Establishing clubs or networks to support LGBTQ+ employees, hiring more diverse workforce, including LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and individuals from different racial backgrounds. and providing comprehensive benefits that cover LGBTQ+ employees. These strategies aim to create an inclusive and supportive workplace environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

"Although the acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals in our society has expanded, there are still many details that need further development and improvement. Various organizations are adapting positively, which is positive sign for the LGBTQ+ community. It shows that full acceptance without any reservations may eventually be achieved. As a part of SEEK's subsidiary Jobsdb by SEEK is proud to contribute to promoting equality in Thai job market. We are committed to supporting human rights and respecting diversity, especially in the workplace and recruitment processes. We adhere to a policy of advertising job openings without age, gender, race, nationality, marital status, or other factors that may indicate discriminatory practices for all positions, aiming to promote equal employment opportunities and sustainable business growth. We have numerous opportunities available that are ready to accommodate individuals of all genders equally." Ms. Duangporn concluded.

"Moreover, Jobsdb by SEEK is honored to have been recognized as an outstanding organization for promoting gender equality by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in 2022. To experience the new features of the Jobsdb by SEEK platform, visit or download the mobile application from the Google Play Store or the App Store."

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