KB J Capital - KB Kookmin Card introduces "Smart Classroom for Smart Future" project, supporting Thai children for the digital era at Wat Ka Long School

General News Tuesday June 18, 2024 16:48 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

KB J Capital - KB Kookmin Card introduces

KB J Capital collaborates with KB Kookmin Card, a major financial company from South Korea to pioneer societal development through the "Smart Classroom for Smart Future" project at Wat Ka Long School. They provide IT equipment to enhance teaching and learning, as well as to develop and upgrade computer rooms into smart classrooms. Additionally, they establish early childhood development centers and various spaces within the school to improve students' quality of life with happiness. They also offer special classes on financial literacy, aiming to bring happiness to youth and reinforce their commitment as a responsible credit provider committed to sustainable societal growth.

Mr. Chang Kwon Lee, Chief Executive Officer of KB Kookmin Card, a leading credit card business in South Korea, revealed that recognizing the importance of supporting societal activities, especially as the group operates financial institution businesses in Thailand in a non-bank manner, was one of the key policies driving KB J Capital, a company within the KB Financial Group. Therefore, they are spearheading the "Smart Classroom for Smart Future" project to drive education, which is crucial for youth development. By incorporating technology into teaching, fostering learning beyond the classroom, and paving the way for the country's digital economy in the future. Furthermore, they provide financial literacy activities to instill efficient money management skills. This project is part of their sustainable education quality enhancement efforts and reaffirms its leadership in the financial and credit industry from South Korea in Thailand.

For this project's activities, they were held at Wat Ka Long School in Samut Prakan Province. The school caters to kindergarten and primary levels. The company aims to enhance the quality of education for youth in all areas, including teaching equipment, the learning environment, and various facilities within the school, aiming to creatively utilize knowledge and various equipment to benefit the school to the fullest extent possible.

Mr. Hyunwoo Noh, Chief Executive Officer of KB J Capital Company Limited, a provider of personal loans from South Korea in Thailand, with innovative financial services, emphasized the importance of both business operations and societal activities. Therefore, the group initiated and carried out the "Smart Classroom for Smart Future" project. Their team visited Wat Ka Long School on June 12, 2024, to enhance the school environment, renovate buildings, and conduct activities promoting technology literacy among students. They provided various IT equipment such as computers, computer mice, headphones, and teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning and access to knowledge through technology. Recognizing that learning extends beyond the classroom in today's digital age, they also refurbished computer rooms and early childhood development centers, reinforcing their structures for better convenience. Furthermore, they furnished various office equipment, transforming classrooms into Smart Classrooms, aiming to create a futuristic learning space for all students.

Additionally, special classes were organized, where financial experts provided financial education to students, teaching them the principles of saving money to promote basic financial literacy and quality money management skills for the future.

They also advanced the development and renovation of the early childhood development center by installing a new lighting system, air conditioning units, and providing bedding and teaching equipment for children to enhance their convenience. Moreover, they improved and developed other areas within the school, such as renovating restrooms with new fixtures including sinks, child-friendly toilets, toothbrush stations, and more, to create a modern and inviting environment within the school premises. They also donated necessary items for both consumption and daily use, organizing food trucks, providing meals and snacks, and conducting activities with students during lunch breaks filled with fun and enjoyment.

Throughout the time of operating the business of KB Capital Co., Ltd., a leading personal loan service provider from South Korea that has been operating in Thailand for over 3 years, under a joint venture between KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd. and Jaymart Group through the "Kashjoy" brand, which currently offers 3 types of loans: 1. The Kashjoy Easy Card, a cash card in the form of a revolving loan, 2. Kashjoy personal loans, 3. Kashjoy mobile loan. Additionally, it collaborates with the Samsung brand to provide installment payments for Samsung mobile phone purchases in Thailand through the Samsung Finance+ brand.

With the determination to elevate and improve the loan business to provide better services to customers, and to move forward in expanding into the credit card market in the future, supporting quality financial services for Thai people, while not forgetting to operate the business based on good ESG principles encompassing environmental care, social responsibility, and good corporate governance.

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