"depa" Opens 3rd Round of Applications for Community Groups and Technicians to Join the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project

Technology News Wednesday July 10, 2024 11:22 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) invites community groups and technicians across Thailand to apply for the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project. This ongoing initiative aims to promote and support the application of drone technology for agriculture, along with developing skills in drone flying and agricultural drone repair. The goal is to create new career opportunities, drive communities with widespread digital technology adoption, enhance business efficiency and boost productivity, leading to sustainable new business competition model.

To qualify for the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project, community group applicants must consist of members from the local community who are registered or established to conduct activities such as production, trade or services within the community. Such registration or establishment of the group must be certified by a government agency or legally recognised entity such as community enterprises, village funds, cooperatives, community organisation councils or large-scale agricultural groups, with at least 20 households as members. Technician applicants must either run a service shop within the community or possess expertise in technical work and seek to start a business providing maintenance and repair services for agricultural drones within the community.

Community groups and technicians nationwide can apply for the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project to enhance their skills, learn to fly and repair drones as well as create new drone pilot careers during 10-27 July 2024. For more details, please visit https://short.depa.or.th/Dj0vo or at Telephone number 065-442-4347 and 065-442-4729 or Email: dcd@depa.or.th

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