Health Week with Two-Time World Fitness Champion Shaun Stafford at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

Travel News Thursday July 11, 2024 08:29 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Health Week with Two-Time World Fitness Champion Shaun Stafford at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

Niyama Private Islands Maldives will hold its first-ever Fitness Week 21 - 28 September 2024. The retreat will be hosted by Shaun Stafford, two-time World Fitness champion, founder of City Athletic London, manager of lifestyle brand GHOST, Men's Manual ambassador, pro-fitness model, and celebrity trainer with 232,000+ online followers and counting.

Niyama's inaugural Fitness Week offers the perfect balance of working hard and playing hard, training and recovery. Whether a fitness fanatic or first timer, the programme promises to push each individual to attain their personal best with confidence and a smile.

Niyama's twin islands of Play and Chill are the ideal setting for such a retreat. There are long stretches of beach to jog; perfect waters to swim, ski, board, surf or sail; a flood-lit tennis court; and of course PUMP, the gym with a view to inspire and all the equipment needed for a next-level workout.

Each day of the retreat begins with a group workout led by Shaun, followed by one-on-one coaching sessions on two of the afternoons. Participants will also undergo an epigenetic test, and based on these results, as well as an in-depth consultation, Shuan will draw up a personalised six-week training programme for them best suited to their genetic make-up, lifestyle and goals to continue with back at home.

Downtime includes a whole day of recovery with stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, massage and Beverly Hills IV therapy at Drift by Niyama, and a movie under the stars. Throughout the retreat, guests will also enjoy unlimited use of the spa's hydrotherapy circuit, mingling over cocktails on the beach, and three-course dinners in the treetops at Nest or deep in the jungle at Tribal.

The Fitness Week retreat is priced at USD 2,250 net per person, excluding accommodation, and is open to a maximum of 10 participants, with bookings required by 4 September 2024. There is also a programme for accompanying partners who wish to simply relax priced at USD 430 net per person. For more information or reservations, visit or email

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