THAI Introduces L.A. Express: Direct Flight to Los Angeles

General News Friday December 2, 2005 16:39 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--Dec 2--Thai Airways
Six months after it launched its first non-stop from Bangkok to New York, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited will start a non-stop to Los Angeles, beginning 2nd December 2005 utilizing its new Airbus A340-500 aircraft on the 14.30-hour route. The new non-stop flight will be the fastest flight from Southeast Asia to the west coast of the United States.
Mr. Somchainuk Engtrakul, THAI’s Board Member acting as President, said that with our new non-stop service, customers can travel to both coasts of the United States with less flying time but more of service and entertainment. In addition, U.S. travelers can enjoy traditional THAI service and hospitality on our flights when they visit the kingdom of Thailand. Mr. Engtrakul also noted that this new flight links two dynamic cities — Los Angeles and Bangkok — which share a common interest in film and entertainment, fashion and design and food and good living.
Mr. Engtrakul further stated that THAI will operate three flights per week routed Bangkok — Los Angeles (Tom Bradley International Terminal) v.v., utilizing A340-500 aircraft, as follows:
Flight schedule of Bangkok — Los Angeles v.v. (Tom Bradley International Terminal) Three weekly flights every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
Flight Route Departure Arrival Flight Time
TG794 Bangkok — Los Angeles 20:40 hrs. 20:10 hrs. 14.30 hrs.
TG795 Los Angeles — Bangkok 22:30 hrs. 06:40 hrs. 17.10 hrs.
(2 days later)
Mr. Engtrakul added that with the new Airbus A340-500, THAI customers will experience our award-winning service and hospitality as well as greater comfort in all classes. THAI’s A340-500 aircraft with the new corporate identity is configured in three classes with 215 seats: 60 in Royal Silk business class, 42 in premium economy and 113 seats in economy class.
The entertainment system in the A340-500 is equipped with audio-video on demand, touch screen and control headset with interactive personal audio and video program. There are 30 movie titles, 100 music albums, single and multi-player games and language learning systems. End.

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