Over 1000 teams apply for “The Amazing Race Asia”

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Applications reveal the passionate, adventurous and crazy side of Asia
On AXN (Ch.19, UBC), the heart of action and adventure television, The Amazing Race Asia looks set to feature some of Asia’s most passionate and colorful characters, after registration for The Amazing Race Asia closed on 31 March. AXN received over one thousand applications from all corners of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brunei and even Nepal.
The hopeful applicants come from a broad and fascinating cross-section of Asia. From rich businessmen to people who need a new start in life, and from young students to the elderly, the applications revealed that people from all walks of life have gone to extreme lengths to compete in The Amazing Race Asia.
Hopeful contestants stripped, danced, cried and begged for the adventure of a lifetime, demolishing the myth that Asians are conservative and reserved when it comes to television.
Applicants performed crazy stunts, acted out Amazing Race fantasies, and bragged about past glories in their videos, which brought out the creative and quirky side of Asia, and demonstrated the passion Asians have for The Amazing Race Asia.
The application process also showed that the digital revolution has well and truly taken hold in Asia. More than a third of the applications were shot and edited professionally, and the AXN application committee was incredibly impressed by the quality of the video applications. The videos were so entertaining and inventive that they would make a fantastic program on their own.
Potential amazing racers also gave some intriguing reasons why they want to take on the challenging race, guaranteeing there will be plenty of personal drama as The Amazing Race Asia unfolds. For example, some teams are couples who want to revive the love in their relationships, while others want to use the race to rediscover themselves. For some, the race would be a once in a lifetime chance for challenge and adventure.
“The response has been amazing, and AXN wants to thank everyone for the tremendous effort they have put into their applications, and for the passion they have shown for The Amazing Race Asia,” said Ricky Ow, General Manager of SPE Networks — Asia.
The 10 to 12 teams who will compete in The Amazing Race Asia will be cast by the end of April.
About AXN
Delivering top rated series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality and first-run lifestyle sports programming, AXN is a leading international television destination among young adults 18-34. AXN is seen in 50 countries across Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and is part of Sony Pictures Television International’s diverse portfolio of over 40 global networks. Sony Pictures Television International is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company.
AXN Asia is available to more than 37 million households 24-hours daily throughout Asia in Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, South Korea, Macau, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Maldives, Mongolia and in hotels and VIP compounds in China. AXN can also be seen in 40 million cable television households on time-block basis in China. More information about AXN Asia can be found online at www.axn-asia.com .
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? Each team to comprise 2 people
? Both participants to be aged 21 and above, with valid driving license and international passport or travel documents.
? All participants must be able to speak English.
? A total of 10-12 teams will be selected for the Finals, to be produced into 13 episodes
? Contestants must be working or living in Asia (excluding Japan, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand).
? The different languages spoken, cultures and practices will provide a uniquely Asian dramatic element which will be the main differentiating factor that will make the Asian version really interesting.
Prize Money:
? US$100,000.
Race Route:
? As with the US version, participants will be perpetually guessing their next destination as venturing into the unknown has always been the entertaining hallmark of past programs. This sense of unknown also adds to the thrill for participants.
The announcement for The Amazing Race Asia was made on 17th October 2005 after Sony Pictures Television International’s (SPTI) AXN Asia signed a format deal with Buena Vista International Television-Asia Pacific (BVITV-AP). With this, AXN Asia acquired the rights to localize BVITV-AP’s three-time Emmy Award? winning reality-competition series The Amazing Race.
AXN — the destination channel for adventure-reality programming
AXN has been a leading international channel in Asia, enjoying great success with its unique blend of action and adventure programming. Pioneering the reality genre in Asia, AXN has brought to Asian viewers some of the world’s most highly rated reality programs like Survivor, Fear Factor, The Contender and of course, The Amazing Race.
With a total household reach of over 76 million across Asia (including 40 million on time-block basis in China), The Amazing Race has become a “staple” title on AXN that is watched by millions of viewers during every episode.
Success of the franchise on AXN
AXN has been airing all seasons of The Amazing Race US version in Asia since the very first season, up till the latest which is Season 8, the Family Edition. Consistent high ratings across Asia underscores the tremendous success that the channel has been experiencing with the franchise.
Not only have AXN viewers been glued to the show, they have become such huge fans that they have sent in many written requests to AXN, highlighting their desire to be given the chance to participate in the show! Even partners and advertisers have expressed expectations for AXN to produce an Asian version, and to fulfill the aspirations of millions of die-hard Asian fans.
AXN’s truly “WOW” project!
In line with AXN’s key objective of inspiring the “WOW”, several initiatives are in the pipeline to boost a new key pillar, AXN Original, in its programming strategy. AXN original, as its name suggests, refers to original productions by AXN, including ideas conceptualized from scratch. Original productions such as “AXN Challenge” and “AXN Xtreme” involves on-ground events created specially for TV, including shows which AXN has acquired format rights to adapt into Asian productions, such as “Who Dares Win India Special” and “The Amazing Race Asia”.
The Amazing Race Asia is set to be the B!GGEST AXN Original initiative to date — a project that will span the width of AXN’s footprint which is the whole of Asia, not only in terms of production efforts, but also in terms of level of participation by Asian and the overall sales and marketing, advertising and promotion campaign. The Amazing Race Asia will be the signature project driving the buzz for AXN Original. This “WOW” project will definitely be key in propelling the AXN brand to the next level.
Primed as a “made in Asia for Asia” production coupled with the magnitude undertaken by any broadcaster in Asia, this initiative clearly highlights the mark of AXN’s innovation and leadership in the industry.
AXN is injecting a lot of resources behind this multi-million dollar project to ensure that it will be a huge success and highly entertaining for its viewers. The producers of The Amazing Race US version will assume the role of consultants to the Asian version and this will ensure fans and viewers a high quality production.

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