The First Thai UNIQLO Brand Ambassadors to include Dome and Yaya

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The First Thai UNIQLO Brand Ambassadors to include Dome and YayaVOICES OF BANGKOK website featuring Interviews withthe 6 Cast Members to go Online from August 16

To convey UNIQLO’s “Made for All” brand concept, to the people of Thailand for the opening of first store on September 9th, UNIQLO has selected a Thai cast to feature in its ads for the first time. The cast of 6 features both men and women, including Dome-Pakorn Lum (Actor/Musician), Yaya — Urassaya Sperbund (Model/Actress), Wongtanong Chainarongsingh (Chief Executive Editor of A Day magazine), Lham "25 Hours" band- Sompol Rungpanich (Singer/Musician/Songwriter), Oh Futon -Hatairath Charoenchaichana (Illustrator/Stylist/Singer/Writer), and Pauline Teng-Lamsam (Dentist/Television Host).

Thai people will soon be seeing the cast in coordinated outfits that bring out their unique personalities. The cast will be wearing a mix of spring-summer and fall-winter collections that are tailored to Thailand's climate. The 6 will be featured in interviews on the VOICES OF BANGKOK, which goes online August 16.

Mr. Takahiro Nishimura, Chief Operation Officer of UNIQLO Thailand stated “UNIQLO's "Made for All" brand concept encapsulates the company's vision of providing clothing that is made for all people. UNIQLO believes that individuality is found not in the clothing itself, but in the people who wear the clothes. UNIQLO sees clothing as an element that can be freely interchanged and combined to complement each individual person's character, style, and much more. UNIQLO felt that a diverse cast of brand ambassadors with a range of ages, professions, and genders was necessary to convey its philosophy.”

“A cast of 6 Thais who excel in various professions was selected to help establish the UNIQLO brand as a local favorite in Thailand. The cast includes Dome, who is continually seeking new challenges as a singer, actor, model, and DJ, and Yaya, a student and model who has branched out into a new endeavor as an actress. Like Dome and Yaya, the other members of the cast are unique in their own particular ways, and all sharing a strong sense of self-belief in their own potential. Through these 6 distinctive characters that UNIQLO will comprehensively express the appeal of the brand.” Mr. Nishimura added

The 6 cast members’ behind-the-scene interview will be featured on VOICES OF BANGKOK, which goes online at the website on August 16.

VOICES OF BANGKOK provides viewpoints about the capital from each of UNIQLO’s Thai cast members .

Dome — Pakorn Lum gave a sharp insight about Bangkok, “Bangkok is like a mirror. If you love Bangkok, Bangkok will love you back.”

Yaya- Urassaya Sperbund stated in Voices of Bangkok that, “I’m originally from Pattaya. When I first came to Bangkok, I was not used to the crowds and traffic congestion. But after living in Bangkok for a while, I came to enjoy the lifestyle here more than in my hometown. Now I see things from a much different perspective. As for the crowds in the big city, they give me a chance to meet many different kinds of people and have a variety of experiences. Bangkok and Thailand are both simply awesome.”

Cast ?
Photo : Clockwise from left
Dome Pakorn Lum
Actor/Musician — The Face with multi-talents
Yaya Urassaya Sperbund
Model/Actress - The latest rising star of Thailand
Sompol Rungpanich (Lham — the band "25 Hours")
Pauline Teng Lamsam (Dr. Pee)
Dentist/Television Host
Wongtanong Chainarongsingha (Nong -"A Day" magazine)

Chief Editor of a popular youth-generation magazine/Founder of "A Day Foundation"

Hatairath Charoenchaichana (Oh - the band "Futon")
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