SiS joined forces with Interlink Telecom introducing cloud service business, aiming to become a leading cloud service provider within three years

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Capitalizing on its strength in customization that allows organizations to fine-tune their own cloud systems and its unique business model that offers solutions and services through over 2,000 business partners, targeting enterprise markets

SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Company Limited., a leading wholesale distributor of IT products in enterprise markets, and Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited., a leading fiber optic network and data center service provider, have introduced "SiS cloud services" to join the fray in the public cloud market in Thailand. Targeting five enterprise markets segments – property, retail, insurance, government agency, and independent software vendor (ISV) – with a customization strategy that enables customers to design their own cloud system with support from highly qualified service team skillful in the applications of leading technology vendors. All these services have been offered to more than 30 organizational customers through their business partners who represent a solid platform for becoming a market leader in the public cloud market in Thailand within three years.

Mr. Somchai Sittichaisrichart, Managing Director of SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Company Limited., said, "According to IDC data, it is forecasted that worldwide public cloud service spending this year would reach 160 billion US dollars (or around five trillion baht), up 23.2% from 2017. In Thailand, it is estimated that cloud service and data center market would grow 35%, compared to last year. Business organizations constantly search for a service provider with highly experienced teams and local data centers which can deliver flexibility and ease of management and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. With over 20 years of experience in IT wholesale business and exposure to various types of organizations, today SiS is quite strong in terms of products and technologies. Also, we have global partners that are all leaders of cloud-based software and hardware vendors, and our key partner in Thailand, Interlink Telecom Pcl., is a leading fiber optic network and data center service provider in the country."

"As of now, we've provided cloud services to more than 30 medium and large enterprises entirely through business partners. With combined strengths of SiS and Interlink Telecom, I'm confident that our cloud and service solutions presented today can deliver value-for-money and competitive pricing, flexibility in cloud service management, and international standards," Mr. Somchai added.

Mr. Nattanai Anuntarumporn, Managing Director of Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited., said, "Today digital disruption has totally transformed business operations. The results of Pure Storage's Evolution 2017 research revealed that 66% of businesses in Thailand planned to use more public cloud services within the next 18-24 months. Cloud will be used as a platform for enhancing the operational capacity of businesses in the modern era. A data center, which is a key component of cloud services, will also play an equally important role. Since we started this business, we've invested in two data centers. As for our partnership with SiS, I'm sure that this collaboration will be a driving force that can help upgrade the level of cloud management of business organizations. Our company uses both data centers for hosting SiS Cloud Services. Interlink Data Center has been constructed in accordance to a Tier 3 Data Center standard. The data center has been also certified for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001. Our newest data center, Genesis data center, has also attained internationally recognized PCI and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certifications as well as Tier 3 certification from Uptime Institute, including the certification of design documents and constructed facility. These four standard certifications far exceed those of our competitors. As a result, our data center facilities are highly stable and secured. Furthermore, we can increase flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs in the digital era and ensure that the overall cost of business management is expended in the most cost-effective way. Also, we're equipped to satisfy the needs of business customers effectively, and we can assure them that our data centers are the best in Thailand."

Mr. Pantana Na Takuathung, general manager of Cloud Business Unit of SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Company Limited., said, "SiS's cloud services are superb because we are a local service provider and our data center is located here. So, our customers have easy access to our solutions for correcting, testing, and fine-tuning. Our primary focus is to provide flexibility for fine-tuning custom services to suit each customer's needs and to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. For example, the financial sector's regulation stipulates that data center must be located in the country. Most importantly, when using a local data center, data transmission speed is definitely faster than that of overseas service providers. Also, with Interlink Telecom as our strategic partner, we can offer high-speed fiber optic network services which connect our nationwide customers to our cloud. Currently, we're providing six categories of services, including

- Data Center on Cloud (IaaS)
- Disaster Recoveryto Cloud (DRaaS)
- BackuptoCloud (BaaS)
- ContaineronCloud (PaaS)
- VirtualDesktoponCloud
- ERPonCloudPoweredbySAP B1

In addition, we have over 2,000 highly skilled and competent business partners in addition to

in-house teams of technical experts. Strategically, our cloud services are provided entirely through our business partners, and we always use leading technologies for the provision of our cloud services, such as VMware, Nutanix, Veeam, Trend Micro, HPE, Fortinet, and Microsoft. Moreover, SiS has a variety of products that enable customers to customize a cloud system to suit their own needs. Other key factors that contribute to our competitiveness and growth include flexible services and a business model that drives business growth for us and our business partners. In addition, our prices and specifications are also quite competitive. Recently, most business organizations that have enjoyed our cloud services are insurance companies, real estate developers, and government agencies. Most of them run their core business applications such as ERP on a cloud platform because they consider that security and stability as their main system requirements. Under these circumstances, I'm confident that we can expand our service provision to a greater number of independent software vendors (ISV) in 2019."

SiS cloud services are available on two data centers of Interlink Telecom Pcl.: Interlink IDC and Genesis Data Center which meet ISO 270014:2013 and Tier 3 data center standards. Both data centers are interconnected with a high-speed fiber optic network, and it is equipped with an integrated security system for deterring denial-of-service (DoS), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), web application firewall, IPS, and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. They also have backup and system recovery capacities in an event of disaster at the main sites. Notably, we guarantee delivery of high service quality with monthly uptime SLA of 99.90% and 24/7after-sales service.

About SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Company Limited

On 17 June 1998, SiS Distribution was set up as a wholesale distributor of computers, peripheral devices, and automated office equipment, and the wholesale business began operating in 1999 under a joint venture arrangement with SiS group, where Mr. SomchaiSittichaisrichart and Mr. SombatPangsrinon were business partners and management executives. On 9 February 2004, the company was registered with the Ministry of Commerce and later privatized to form a public limited company. On 15 June 2004, the company was registered with the Stock Exchange of Thailand with an aim to become a leading wholesale distributor of computer equipment, peripheral devices, and automated office equipment in Thailand under supports from SiS group.

SiS Distribution has earned the trust of more than 70 leading global manufacturers and has been designated as their distributor in Thailand – for example, Compaq, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Apple, APC, Xerox, and Linksys.The company has a large customer base of more than 4,500 computer business enterprises which consist of retail shops, B2B distributors supplying computer products to business sectors and government agencies, and system developers.

About Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited

Incorporated on 3 January 2007, Interlink Communication Pcl. aims to provide data connectivity between user offices and to support the development and growth of telecommunication systems in Thailand, where the demands for highly stable data communication network system and capacities to facilitate mass data transmission are commonplace. On 8 May 2012, the company received Type 3 license, which is granted to telecom operators that operate their own network, from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). Under this concession, the NBTC grants the company a 15-year operating license of high-speed communication circuit services. Moreover, on 19 October 2012 the company also received a 30-year concession from the State Railway of Thailand for installation of a fiber optic network along railroads. These routes were totally different from the existing fiber optic networks, which have been granted to other service providers. After receiving this concession, the began building a fiber optic network which has been connected with the backbone network along the State Railway of Thailand's railroads, including primary, secondary, and tributary routes along roadways which provide data connection along electricity poles directly to customers. Consequently, data connectivity through the company's telecommunication network has been stable and secured. The key aim is to become the safest and most secured private network services which encompass the provision of data services, installation, data center, and turnkey data center. With long experience in telecom service operations and exposure to fast-changing technologies, Interlink Telecom Pcl. has established itself as a telecom infrastructure operator which offers a variety of telecom solutions to meet business needs of its customers and constantly achieve customer satisfaction.