InterContinental Bangkok invites you to feast on a rotating spread of Arabic specialty dishes for dinner, only at Espresso from July to August 2019

ข่าวบันเทิง -- Thu 18 Jul 2019 16:28:36
Bangkok--18 Jul--InterContinental Bangkok

It is set to be a scrumptious period of culinary temptations at Espresso from July to August 2019, thanks to the brand-new menu featuring the region's most famous recipes.

Guests who visit our all-day dining restaurant anytime during these three months will be treated to a daily rotating buffet of cold dishes, larger meat-centric main dishes and rich desserts filled with tantalising flavours and textures.

The exotic journey into this hugely popular cuisine begins with the cold dishes, also known as mezze. Here, guests can tuck into zesty salads, like fattoush, couscous salad and tabbouleh. No Arabian mezze is complete without a hummus, and with our range of hummus beiruti, hummus mutabal, and hummus with nuts, among others, you're spoiled for choice with this creamy, chickpea-based delicacy.

Moving onto the mains, or lamb ouzi is a heartening stew that features braised cubes of lamb in a gravy infused with Arabian spices. Other mouth-watering meat dishes include the chicken makloubeh, made with vegetables and spiced rice, and sayadiyah, a Lebanese fish dish prepared with seabass and rice, topped with fried onions. Other delights include the lamb moussaka, majboos chicken and spinach stew, all of which will have you coming back for seconds.

The desserts are equally as intriguing in presentation and taste. Guests may be familiar with the dry pastry baklava, but will plenty to relish with mohallabiah, a rice pudding sweetened with rose water, and halawa pistachio, a dense confection with a nutty finish. Whether you celebrate Ramadan or not, our new dining promotion will take you on a memorable ride through Arabian food culture.

Available only for dinner, guests can enjoy this full-course Arabian buffet for Baht 1,400++ per person

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