Tsubohachi at Thaniya invites everyone to enjoy utterly scrumptious Hokkaido-style grilled crab paste "Kanimiso Yaki”, with 9 different options available at reasonable price

ข่าวบันเทิง ThaiPR.net -- Thu 14 Nov 2019 16:22:03
Bangkok--14 Nov--IMPACT Exhibition Management

Tsubohachi, a premium Japanese restaurant from Hokkaido, brings a new taste experience to your tongue. Everyone, especially Japanese grilled crab paste lovers, can now enjoy the authentic flavor of "Kanimiso Yaki" without having to travel to Hokkaido. Indulge in crab paste mixed with soybean paste grilled in crab shell along with the finest seafood ingredients. It is a pure delight to eat right out the shell, though having it with rice is also a good idea. The "Kanimiso Yaki" parade at Tsubohachi features nine scrumptious varieties to choose from for only 199 baht each. They are Kanimiso Yaki Amaebi & Maguro, premium crab paste mixed with special recipe of miso sauce topped with sweet shrimp and

fresh tuna, Kanimiso Yuzu Zuwai Kani & Organic Egg, using premium quality crab meat from Hokkaido and organic eggs from Sirin Farm, Kanimiso Yaki Amaebi & Tobiko, Kanimiso Yaki Salmon & Maguro, Kanimiso Yaki Hokki & Organic Egg, Kanimiso Yaki Engawa & Maguro, Kanimiso Yaki Hotate & Organic Egg, Kanimiso Yaki Engawa & Salmon and last but not least, Kanimiso Zuwai Kani & Ikura & Tobiko.

Come to enjoy the Hokkaido-style grilled crab paste that will never disappoint your taste buds from November 15, 2019 onwards (or until further notice) at the Thaniya (Silom) branch of Tsubohachi, open daily from 11 a.m. until midnight. To reserve a delicious meal, please call 02-266-5380. For more information, news updates and promotions, please visit www.tsubohachi-tha.com and Facebook fan page: TsubohachiTh.