M-150 Upgrades its Customer Loyalty Program Strategies and Receives the “Brand of the Year’ award for the third consecutive year

ข่าวทั่วไป ThaiPR.net -- Fri 22 Nov 2019 16:29:42
Bangkok--22 Nov--ABM Connect

M-150, a leading Thai-owned energy drink brand, recently received an important boost by becoming one of the most favored and widely-accepted brands among consumers, receiving a "Brand of the Year" award at the global branding award event for the third year in a row. This coincides with M-150 highlighting the success of its communications activities, which include idol marketing, sports marketing, and promotion marketing on new platforms, along with the upcoming launch of M-150 Black Galingale with Honey, the latest energy drink that increases energy levels and is good for your health.

Ms. Sutipa Panyamahasap, Chief Marketing Officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited, said that 2019 continues to mark successful milestones for M-150, which received the "Brand of the Year" award at the "World Branding Award 2019" event for the third consecutive year, making M-150 the only brand in the energy drinks category from Thailand to achieve this recognition. The award ceremony took place recently at Kensington Palace in London, England. In addition, M-150 is grateful to all Thai and global consumers for their continued support and the confidence they have placed in M-150. In the meantime, M-150 will continue to concentrate on producing high quality products while building positive consumer experiences.

"The key contributing factors driving M-150's success include effective idol and sports marketing strategies and promotions in unprecedented yet creative platforms that meet consumers' lifestyles. As well, M-150 is launching a new product – M-150 Black Galingale with Honey – under the concept of "Fitter than your age" which blends Black Galingale and honey helping boost the fitness of consumers. Toon – Bodyslam, who best represents someone who is fit and firm beyond his own age, was selected as our presenter. This new product received great feedback from consumers," said Sutipa.

M-150 has implemented an idol marketing strategy with presenters who are well-suited to promote the "For the fighting spirit of all Thais" brand concept to consumers. Among the most suitable presenters are Toon - Bodyslam, one of Thailand's leading rock stars as well as a courageous figure and philanthropist who not only wins the hearts of Thais, but also inspires many people to follow their dreams. He is joined by "Srisaket Nakhonluang Promotion" a Thai boxing superstar who finds the strength to constantly persevere and endure, and is a former two-time World Champion who is preparing to fight for the WBC Super Flyweight World Champion belt for the third time in the US in 2020. This is one of the most anticipated fights of the year for boxing fans. Therefore, Srisaket was selected as our best choice for empowering Thais to fight against any obstacles with no fear.

In addition, M-150 is concentrating on delivering a sports marketing strategy, including football and boxing, as they are the most favorite sports among Thais. As a result, M-150 continues to be an official sponsor of the M-150 Championship (also known as Thai League 2), and the Thai National Football Team, which is in a strong position to make it to the next round at the FIFA World Cup Asia qualifiers. M-150 is also supporting other boxing events including Nakhonluang Promotions boxing camp, which has a lineup of talented and experienced Thai and international boxers including Srisaket and Nawapon Nakhonluang, who are both ready for their championship bouts. M-150's support is expected to bring a new level of passion and excitement to both boxing and football.

In terms of promotional strategies, M-150 has implemented 'M Point,' a new digital platform that is ideally suited to the current lifestyles of consumers, and which strengthens the brand's position and consumer loyalty. Compared to traditional promotions, the M Point loyalty program is more advanced and less complicated to join thanks to the use of advanced technology, enabling consumers to accumulate points to win prizes throughout the year. Consumers only need to add "M Point" to their official LINE account to accumulate points from bottle caps to exchange or win special prizes. Don't miss out on the year-end highlight campaign to win a series of championship gold prizes including gold gloves, a gold belt, gold ball, gold motorcycle, gold pick-up truck, and gold championship trophy, with a total of over 1,000 prizes. The lucky winners will be announced on 27 December 2019.

"As we are now in a digital era, we must adapt to current consumer behavior – which relies on smartphones and being connected all the time. As a result, the 'M Point' campaign is a suitable platform to more effectively provide access and convenience to consumers. Most importantly, it helps increase brand loyalty among all consumers and enables M-150 to effectively manage existing assets to ensure that we deliver the maximum benefits. The campaign will also enable us to gain the relevant information so we can better learn about and respond to consumer behavior. It will provide us with a better understanding to effectively identify what types of campaigns appeal the most to consumers, and to develop new and more valuable products that meet their needs. Finally, it will help boost consumer engagement enabling strong long-term brand loyalty," concluded Sutipa.