Apex Medical Rebrands to Wellell, redefining core values

General News Thursday January 13, 2022 15:00 —PRNewswire Press Releases

Apex Medical has placed utmost importance on the value of human life, while providing agile services and high-quality medical devices since 1990. The rebranding in 2022 affirms the determination to establish a global foothold and further evolve the corporate organization, and to set even more ambitious goals for the future.

The new brand name "Wellell", is a neologism created by combining "Wellbeing" and "Wellspring". "For us, Wellell means the source of healthiness?supporting a patient's healthy and comfortable condition through products and services that give full consideration to users' experiences," said Daniel Lee, Founder and Chairman of the company. To stay competitive in the fast-changing marketplace, the rebranding project will strengthen the company's brand-oriented strategy, reposition products and services, and reflect its value proposition by focusing on user experiences to create a competitive advantage that differentiates Wellell from other competitors.

Daniel Lee also emphasized that the vision of the company will be reimagined with enthusiasm and empathy towards the community, rooted in an honest, open-minded attitude. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been helping the society by providing life-saving products and services.

Through our continuing dedication to digital transformation, and the development of digital healthcare services such as IoT and cloud platforms, Wellell will cooperate with global partners to reimagine the future of well-being. "Together, we're improving clinical outcomes and enhancing digital well-being for all". Be well, Live well.

Wellell is a global leader in medical solutions for acute care and post-acute care, operating in more than 60 countries via a dedicated distribution and service network. Founded in 1990, the company integrates wound management solutions, respiratory therapy, and digital healthcare services to deliver improved clinical outcomes and digital well-being for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Driven by a profound respect for every individual life, Wellell aspires to help all inpatients and outpatients, and those who support them to live a healthy, carefree life.

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