PropertyScout kicks off Thai New Year 2022 with Co-broker Event series

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PropertyScout kicks off Thai New Year 2022 with Co-broker Event series

PropertyScout, a Proptech startup based in Thailand, announces the successful partner event series supported by leading Thai developers to promote knowledge sharing and build stronger connections between real estate experts.

The Thai New Year starts off right with the introduction of a  Co-broker event series hosted by PropertyScout. Co-broker partners already working with PropertyScout and other real estate professionals get an opportunity to learn about updates on recent or upcoming developments in the local market as well as network with like-minded real estate professionals in an informal setting.

"Great event with an educational twist! I'm impressed by the professionalism of the PropertyScout consultants and how easy it is to work together" said Pornthep Kharaband, a real estate freelancer about the first event that was held at the end of March.

The focus of this event series is on creating and expanding connections within the Thai real estate industry and highlighting the benefits of sustainable co-broking growth. Through accompanying workshops, panel discussions, and other activities, co-brokers are encouraged to share ideas about their experiences and pick up knowledge on trends and developments in real estate.

"Working with PropertyScout has been amazing! From closing deals to confirming commissions, we've managed to quickly establish a strong relationship and continue to grow our business together" said Bunyachan Bunnachan, Ezra Estate.

The regular knowledge sharing, networking and partner appreciation event  will be supported by leading Thai real estate developers. Partnership agreements with PropertyScout have been signed by Ananda, AP Thai, Noble Development, Magnolias Development, Proud Real Estate, Pruksa, Raimon Land, Sansiri, SC Asset, and Singha Estate as well as top UK Developer, Berkeley Group.

The next event will take place at the beginning of May, Co-Brokers are invited to register on the PropertySscout Line Official account @cobroke to receive updates on the next event.

About PropertyScout

PropertyScout is a Bangkok-based Proptech startup that offers one of the largest selections of relevant listings for residential rental and sales properties. Founded in 2019 by a team of experienced Thai-international serial entrepreneurs and industry experts, PropertyScout's tremendous growth is driven by real estate professionals, marketing specialists, and technology experts. The company has achieved a number of major milestones, including 15-fold growth in the last year and the successful closure of pre-series A funding round.

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