“PASAYA” to penetrate China via a newly-established joint venture “Pasaya Sinopia”, with collections designed to meet tastes and demands of Chinese market

General News Tuesday June 5, 2018 15:58 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--5 Jun--FYI "PASAYA" to penetrate China via a newly-established joint venture "Pasaya Sinopia", with collections designed to meet tastes and demands of Chinese market Thailand's leading home furnishing brand PASAYA has organized "PASAYA " (Silk Road on the Sea) in response to the Chinese government's policy. Textile Gallery Co., Ltd, the owner of Thailand's leading home furnishing products under the PASAYA brand, is making an inroad into China following the Chinese government's initiative "One Belt, One Road" which aims to bring back the prosperity of "the silk road" era. The presence in China by the company will provide high-quality products that combine cultures and innovative technology. The move follows the company's previous expansions into much of Asia and Europe. PASAYA is renowned for bedding products with unique quality that features outstanding softness, temperature regulated abilities and is free of formaldehyde. The production also won a green label from the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) in associated with the Ministry of Industry. PASAYA products have also won numerous other awards from many local and international institutions including Thailand Trust Mark privilege quality certification from Thai Government. The company held the "PASAYA, SILK ROAD ON THE SEA" event on May 30, 2018 at Fashion Avenue, 1st Floor of Siam Paragon to mark the beginning of its new milestone. Kasikornbank Plc's Chairman and Chief Executive Mr. Banthoon Lamsam chaired the event while other honorable guests included Ms.Caroline Murphy, ML Kathathong Thongyai, Miss Kanokpan Hatrakul, Dr.Nadaprapai Sucharitkul, Mr. Werasak Choonhajak, etc. At the event, the company announced its business direction in China after forming PASAYA Sinopia – a joint venture between Textile Gallery, Doers Knowledge Management (Thailand) Co., GEP Spinning Co.,Ltd. and Taiwanese businessmen - Mr. Lin Yi-Hao. The joint venture will handle the export of PASAYA products to China. The distribution channel will be in a franchise format where franchisees will decorate their outlets according to unique style of the brand. Initially, the company aims to expand into key cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing. Schle Wood-Thanan, Executive Director of Textile Gallery Co., Ltd., made the following comments about the investment plan, marketing plan and growth target: "The latest innovative collection was launched at the event. It is produced with the advanced technology of GEP Spinning's yarn production combined with creativity and fabric designs by Pasaya to match the tastes and needs of Chinese consumers. They include the "Sukhothai" Collection of the "Coolagen" bedding sets. The collection uses Filagen fiber technology which permanently mixed collagen protein within cellulose fibers so it helps users in skin extra moisturizing, giving cool sensation, softness and outstanding comfort. Another collection, "Luxury Hotel", is produced with a new innovation "Cool Mercerization" which makes the cotton fabric extra cool and shiny, giving the same feel as the bedsheets used in 5- to 7-starred hotels. In addition, the pure natural rubber pillow will also be a flagship product as it is one of the best-selling of our country. The natural latex or rubber pillows from Thailand are in demand among the Chinese but those available in China are mostly produced locally or imported from other ASEAN countries, with a false impression that they are from Thailand. But the qualities may not match the Thai products'. Therefore, we believe that the Pure natural latex pillows from PASAYA will certainly please the consumers there thanks to its quality and neat production process." In addition to announcing business direction and innovative products, one of the highlights was the violin and piano performance by world's No.4 Yang Min and the renowned Conductor of Thailand; Mr.Trisdee na Patalung. Ms. Yang Min performed with the London Symphony Orchestra and the UAE National Symphony Orchestra. She played in concerts in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The performance was followed by a dance poetry by S.E.A.Write Award-winning poet Chiranan Pitpreecha, co-poet in Chinese by Schle Wood-Thanan and choreographed by Mr.Akkan Vapakpetch. There was also a lucky draw to give away prizes to the event's guests. About PASAYA Established in 1986, the company was originally a small textile factory in Phra Pradaeng District in Samut Prakarn province. With distinctive techniques in fabric design and the use of computer technology as part of the designing process, the company's business continued to grow. In 1988, the company began to export its products for the first time. In 1995, the company moved its production plant to a more suitable site in Bang Pae, Ratchaburi province. The new plant is considered a perfect factory in every aspect, particularly in term of production and architecture. The production plant has a complete production process starting from design, laboratory activities, material preparations, dyeing, weaving, cutting and sewing, all with modern machineries, until the products are finished and ready for to packaging. The company has a strict quality control policy to ensure trustworthiness of its products. In 2002, PASAYA Brand was found under the concept of "Quality of Life is the beginning of the Quality of Products". Since then PASAYA has become the main business of the company. The unique design and outstanding quality makes PASAYA popular among local consumers and foreigners. The name PASAYA refers to a beautiful, intelligent and powerful woman such as Queen Cleopatra and Wu Zetian etc.

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