The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Huawei Thailand Open First Innovation Center Dedicated to Power IoT and Cloud Infrastructure

General News Wednesday July 25, 2018 17:48 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--25 Jul--Francom Asia The PEA-Huawei Innovation Center will facilitate the collaboration and materialization of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud technologies that will enable PEA to improve its smart-grid systems while reducing investments and operational costs. Mr. Sermsakool Klaikaew, Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), and Mr. Hu Gang, Head of Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Southeast Asia, officially inaugurated today the PEA Innovation Center, the first of its kind in the country. This follows the signing, in November 2017, of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the PEA and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) to establish this Innovation Center. The opening event was held in the premises strategically located at PEA's LED Building on Ngamwongwan Road in Bangkok. This Innovation Center is the result of the long-standing cooperation between PEA and Huawei Thailand. A trial pilot project enabling PEA to use and benefit from state-of-the-art ICT technologies provided by Huawei, in particular in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Infrastructure adapted to the power industry, will be initiated onsite. For example, Huawei will support equipment to develop and implement a single IoT platform combining two networks: PLC-IoT and eLTE-IoT, which will enhance the efficiency and reliability of PEA's electric power systems and services, such as accessing and adjusting the power grid balance in real time, improving the rational use and conservation of electricity and using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI electrical meters, also known as 'Smart Meters', are expected to gradually replace traditional meters in the future. Smart meters can not only measure electricity consumption, but also at what times during the day. Using a two-way communication channel between PEA and consumers, they will be able to transmit energy and pricing information between the two parties and facilitate the implementation of energy savings programs. Ultimately, these technologies should enable PEA to reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 25%. "The PEA will combine its rich experience in the power industry with Huawei's ICT technologies and R&D capabilities to develop a state-of-the art platform integrating R&D in electric power communication, Internet of Things and cloud-related technologies. This will enable us to operate smarter networks and improve service efficiency while reducing costs. In addition, the Innovation Center will also benefit the training of electric power ICT personnel and the spread of smart grid-related technologies in Thailand," declared Mr. Sermsakool Klaikaew, Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Moreover, this partnership will aim to test and implement the "ALL IP" Network technology related to innovative projects such as electricity cloud computing, big data and charging facilities for electric vehicles, smart homes and demand-side response, in order to meet consumers' demand. This is in line with PEA's policy to develop human resources through innovation and technology, in response to the PEA 4.0 era and to become "The Electric Utility of the Future". "I am very pleased to see the successful launch of this Innovation Center through the collaboration with the PEA. It will serve as initial step to promote the research and development of the electric power industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We are very proud to be partners in this great project where we will implement our commitment to work together to bring new concepts and innovations in electricity technology for the benefit of the Thai people" said Mr. Hu Gang, Head of Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Southeast Asia. "Huawei would like to thank Mr. Sermsakool and his team for this exemplary project," added Mr. Hu Gang. "For Huawei, this Innovation Center is a major milestone to better serve local needs, and we are confident that it will contribute greatly to the country's social and economic development, in line with the government's Thailand 4.0 policy."

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