Ichitan launches a 2nd time run of “Ichitan Cartons 2 : Promotion for moms and pops local shops to win Vehicles and Gold” with total of 7.2 million baht

Economy News Tuesday August 27, 2019 11:29 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--27 Aug--Ogilvy Public Relations Ichitan launches a second-time run of "Ichitan Cartons 2" campaign, allowing local groceries and small retailers across the country to join by sending coupons attached on the side of Ichitan Cartons to stand the chance to win 4 units of Toyota Fortuner plus one-year gasoline voucher and 80 units of 1-baht gold. All prizes are worth more than 7.2 million baht. Mr.Tan Passakornnatee, President and CEO of Ichitan Group PLC, disclosed "We launch "Ichitan Cartons :2 promotion campaign for a second time as we have seen the success from this promotional campaign we did through distribution channels last summer. It resulted in growth through traditional trade sales or sales from small grocery stores in local communities that is now growing to be in the same level as modern trade sales or sales from convenient stores." The growth reflected how Ichitan has successfully adjusted its strategy to sell products through local retailers in the network of Blue Flag stores that the government has initiated to encourage consumers to buy more from local stores. Ichitan has partnered with DKSH to do this new campaign through DKSH's strong retail network as well as through Makro stores. The company has proven that Ichitan products can generate sell for groceries and small retailers in the communities. The "Ichitan Cartons :2" campaign is expected to gain strength for the brand in 2 parts. First, distribution channel is expanded through the network of small retailers and general stores. Second, customers base will also be growing across the country as more customers are allowed to get to know and have a taste on products from Ichitan and Yen Yen brands. The "Ichitan Cartons :2" campaign starts from September 1st to December 20th, 2019. Local groceries and retailers can join by cutting coupons attached on the side of Ichitan cartons (both bottles and UHT boxes) of Ichitan green tea, Ichitan Chew Chew and Yen Yen and sending them to join the campaign. Two steps to win the prizes including: First, you can receive limited edition t-shirt from Ichitan when you collect 40 coupons from the cartons. Second step, you can stand the chance to win vehicles and gold when you send your coupon to Ichitan Group PLC, P.O.Box 1, Phra Kanong, Bangkok, 10110. Or simply put your coupon in the lucky draw box at participated stores and at every branch of Makro nationwide. Ichitan will have lucky draws and announce winners four times on the 27th of each month starting from September to December. In each lucky draw, Ichitan will give away 1 prize of Toyota Fortuner plus 1-year gasoline voucher and 20 prizes of 1-baht gold. For more information, please log on to www.ichitandrink.com and www.facebook.com/ichitan.

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