MQDC and Thai Red Cross Society support Red Cross Fair 2019 for an eco-friendly society free of plastic waste

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MQDC and Thai Red Cross Society support Red Cross Fair 2019 for an eco-friendly society free of plastic waste

Bangkok--22 Nov--Magnolia Quality Development Corporation

The Aspen Tree Corporation Limited, a specialist in services and communities for older adults under Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a leading Thailand-based property developer, helped drive sustainability and reduce plastic waste at the annual Red Cross Fair 2019 on 15–24 November 2019 at Lumpini Park.
Ms. Hye-June Park, President of The Aspen Tree, said: "The Aspen Tree is very proud to be part of providing drinking water in paper bottles for the annual Red Cross Fair 2019. Red Cross Fair 2019 aligns with the intentions of the Thai Red Cross to support sustainability including through using fewer plastic products. This also reflects MQDC's sustainability principle 'For All Well-Being', a commitment to work for the well-being of all life on earth, serving the public at large in driving sustainability and reducing plastic use, through using other materials, helping reduce waste in Thailand."
Ms. Janprapa Vichitcholchai, Deputy Director, Fund Raising Bureau, Thai Red Cross said: "On behalf of Thai Red Cross Society, we would like to thank MQDC for always supporting Thai Red Cross Society. MQDC's provision of paper water bottles came about because Thai Red Cross Society shares its principle of environmental friendliness. Paper water bottles are also in line with the Red Cross Fair's objective to be a model for sustainable fairs in Thailand in accordance with government policies to reduce waste. The use of paper bottles is one of the options for reducing plastic use by using biodegradable materials instead. Thai Red Cross Society believes that the use of drinking water paper bottle in this Red Cross Fair can help society recognize the importance of using fewer plastic bottles, which are a leading cause of plastic waste and many environmental problems, so that Thailand can become free of plastic waste."

About The Aspen Tree
The Aspen Tree is a Thailand-based specialist in services and living communities for older adults dedicated to achieving global best practice.
Established by international property developer Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), The Aspen Tree has a founding commitment to 'lifetime care' and 'aging in place', giving older adults the security of continued support.
Through collaborations with global leaders, The Aspen Tree's 'full-spectrum' services will combine specialist care and lifestyle amenities to provide the highest quality of life along with the finest healthcare.
The Aspen Tree's launch community will be at The Forestias, a 119-acre mixed-use development at Bangna in Bangkok, where residents will live amid extensive green spaces in a neighborhood with a multitude of on-site leisure healthcare, retail, work, and cultural facilities.
Under MQDC's commitment 'for all well-being', The Aspen Tree operates with concern for human and environmental well-being.
The Aspen Tree also embraces the MQDC principle of 'sustainnovation', applying insights from psychology and other research fields to supply unmet social needs through innovative technology.

About Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)
Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) is a property developer that develops, invests in, and manages residential, mixed-use, and 'theme' projects, including retail and hotels, with a corporate commitment 'For All Well-Being'.
MQDC brands include Magnolias, Whizdom, The Aspen Tree, and Mulberry Grove, catering for a range of healthy, sustainable lifestyles.
The company provides an industry-leading 30-year warranty on its residential units in line with its exceptional construction standards.
Under its philosophy of 'sustainnovation' MQDC aims to lead its sector in sustainability. The company supports the Bangkok-based Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), Asia's first research base for sustainable building with a focus on well-being.
MQDC is determined to operate with concern for all life on Earth, advancing this agenda through sustainable development for the wider benefit of society.
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