Eight ideas for powerful motorcycle retail store design Two gurus share insights on design psychology and Feng Shui for a successful year of the rat

Economy News Friday December 6, 2019 13:45 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

กรุงเทพฯ--6 ธ.ค.--FleishmanHillard Thailand Krungsri Auto, led by Mrs. Kittiya Srisanit (right), Managing Director, Ayudhya Capital Auto Lease PCL, and Mr. Sittipong Sirimaskasem (left) Managing Director, RGB72 Co., Ltd. and Mr. Panuwat Punvichartkul (center) President, The Miracle of Feng Shui Insititute of Thailand Modern design practices and the art of Feng Shui are nothing new for business owners. Some may think the essence of design is about beauty and Feng Shui is simply a matter of personal belief, but a careful study will demonstrate that each school of thoughts shares fundamental universal principles that are supported by scientific research on human behaviors, directly and indirectly affecting people within the organizations and the businesses themselves. It is no surprise why successful high-profile local and international developments put considerable emphasis on location, architectural structure, and minor details such as color and decorative elements. To welcome the auspicious year of the rat, Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, hosted a seminar "Conquering the Year of the Rat with Great Design, and Fortune" for more than 80 motorcycle dealer partners in Bangkok and metropolitan area, with two expert speakers sharing techniques in modern retail store design and Feng Shui knowledge that can help win the hearts of motorcyclists. Mr. Sittipong Sirimaskasem (left), a top designer with 16 years of experiences in working with international media, and Mr. Panuwat Punvichartkul (right), a renowned Feng Shui master In a current highly competitive landscape, understanding consumers' lifestyles and tastes may not be enough. The gurus, Mr. Sittipong Sirimaskasem, Managing Director, RGB72 Co., Ltd. and Mr. Panuwat Punvichartkul, President, The Miracle of Feng Shui Institution of Thailand, offered some tips and tricks for entrepreneurs looking to maximize the potential of their businesses. 1. Golden location. According to the Feng Shui theory, a wrong location can lead to disagreements, division, and apathy among family members and employees. Dead ends, tight corners, three-way junctions, sharp bends, back alleys, mountain ridges, cliffs, and foothills should be avoided. These areas are not only considered inopportune, but they can also cause inconveniences and danger in the commute of employees and customers. 2. Auspicious direction. Due to Thailand's geography, having the buildings facing East and North can minimize exposure to heat, compared to those facing West and South. Suitable directions can increase airflows and sunlight within indoor spaces. Automatically helping reduce electricity bills, such qualities are also believed to bring good fortune to dwellers. 3. Signs of prosperity. The design of logos, store signages, or symbols involves aesthetics as much as psychology. A great logo must be distinctive, unique, and easily recognizable. Business owners need to accurately identify their target customers to choose the right colors, fonts, and illustrations. For example, a pink logo with a cartoon character often attracts the interests of children or female teenagers whereas a dark blue logo with clean typography will likely draw the adults' attention. 4. Psychology of color. Color always affects the moods of the beholders, so a favorite color may not be the right one. The research found that a human eye is most receptive to the color yellow, and colors alone can influence customers' decisions by 84.7%. This is why designers often choose a yellow or orange tone for symbols that are aimed at spurring specific actions, such as Buy Now buttons or yellow traffic lights on the road. Therefore, the right colors can mean different things, from the one that matches the owner's profile and preference to the one that can charm the target customers. 5. Focal point. The art of Feng Shui states that prosperous energy flows through the store's front door. This area, therefore, should be kept unobstructed. Having too many things at the entrance not only makes the space looks untidy, but it also takes away a focal point that can attract the interests of passers-by. Products should also be clearly categorized to create a convenient customer experience. 6. Put the right person to the right job and place. Business owners must always observe the personalities and behaviors of each employee. If certain positions or individuals are found to be constantly struggling, switching of workspaces or roles can help. A good and fair employer needs to assign the tasks according to the employee's responsibilities and capabilities. Moreover, setting a desk under a metal beam is considered an ill-fortune spot, and the light magnetic force from the metal structure can be bad for health. In the owner's room, it is advised to put the desk out of the doorway to avoid distractions when people come and go. It also helps strengthen the authority and the employees' sense of accountability, according to the Feng Shui belief. 7. Safeguard the wealth. The back of the cashier desk should not face the entrance, but somewhere the staff can easily see the front door and notice the people coming in. This will help prevent theft and allow shopkeepers to instantly greet customers with a smile as well as to embrace the money pouring in. 8. A lucky trinket for peace of mind. For good luck and confidence, many entrepreneurs keep a set of religious statues. It is essential to respect the traditions of idol arrangement of each religion. For example, a Buddhist altar table usually has the Buddha image at the top, and other statues below that are those of gods, distinguished monks, and demigods, such as Thai Kings, respectively. The event attendees Both gurus agree that, for any businesses to be successful, it requires a combination of different factors. Reliance on luck or faith alone cannot bring about achievements. Design and Feng Shui are also only supporting elements. A careful study of the target audience and acts of empathy are the heart of doing business, while the quality of products and services will ensure a consistent stream of customers. Most importantly, ethical practices, efficient management, and social contribution are vital in making a store the customer's top choice and creating a positive culture, which will benefit the society at large. The seminar "Conquering the Year of the Rat with Great Design, and Fortune" is another activity from Krungsri Auto, which is aimed at sharing know-how and opening up new perspectives for motorcycle dealer partners. It is also a platform for dealership communication and fostering relations with Krungsri Auto alliances nationwide. 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