Why Startups need Public Relations

Economy News Monday February 17, 2020 11:13 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Why Startups need Public Relations Bangkok--17 Feb--Brand Now Nowadays, most people have a vague understanding of what public relations mean, and many even have a slight idea of what goes into it and the benefits it offers businesses and especially for a startup. Very few, however, understand the real impact it has. Recently, we met Ms. Pacharee Pantoomano, Managing Director of BrandNow Co., Ltd, explained what public relations is and why a startup needs it in a saturated market. "PR is a cost-effective way to market products and services. It is incredibly valuable when operating on a limited budget. It's less expensive than traditional advertising. As a startup, you need public relations to create awareness and a positive brand image; attract customers & partners; draw the interest of investors; attract employees and establish trust and credibility. Public relations generate awareness for the company and its products & services. It is a supplement to advertising and other marketing programs. By consistently communicating, the brand stays relevant. The content can be re-shared online via social media to improve ranking and SEO. Furthermore, positive press coverage is a form of 3rd party endorsement for your brand, and this creates credibility with potential customers and partners. It influences prospects to choose you over the competitor who may have no media exposure. Ms. Pacharee Pantoomano added by saying "as a startup, it is good to share stories about the founder's vision, mission, experience and past achievements in the media. This can help attract investors, partners, and buyers. Other stories that can be of interest to editors and reporters are the company's success, milestone, and accolades. The hunt for top talent is on and to attract the right employees, one can follow Google's PR footsteps. We recommend sharing with the media the company culture, philosophy, perks, lifestyle, creative and exciting projects, and incentives. Candidates will have more insights about your organization, leadership and the type of work environment before submitting their application."The Co-founder of Brandnow.asia concluded by encouraging startups to do public relations as it will create a positive coverage party endorsement from the media; increase credibility and trust. Startups, do not be afraid to see what everyone sees but do what no one else has done to protect the reputation and image of your brand. About BrandNow Brand Now's aim is to help you communicate your brand effectively to your audience. Focused on below the line, we provide marketing and PR services. Backed by 20± years of experience, we work with start-ups to blue-chip brands. Our services range from campaign creation and execution, using the following tools: market research, media & public relations, activation, events, creative content, translation, direct marketing, to social media and digital PR.

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