MQDC Launches FutureTales Lab

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MQDC Launches FutureTales Lab

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Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), has announced the launch of FutureTales Lab by MQDC, the Thai property sector’s first futurology center. MQDC sees the importance of understanding new trends and forecasting the future to develop homes, products, and services to meet new lifestyle needs. The company also aims to share their findings with society and government to, together, create a better and sustainable future for all life on the planet, under the concept of 'For All Well-Being’.

“A key factor in achieving MQDC’s 'For All Well-Being’ vision is having complete and accurately researched information and forecast models of what may happen to our world. FutureTales Lab by MQDC originated from this aim to serve three core objectives: Exchange knowledge and data; Build cooperation, networks, and community participation through engagement; Interpret changing human behavior and attitudes to prepare for the future,” said Mr. Malaisirirat.

Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief Advisor to FutureTales Lab by MQDC, added, “FutureTales Lab by MQDC is a research center to study past and current trends. The center will analyze and predict future developments by collecting data and constantly updating information on the rapidly changing world. Earth Pulse, for example, is an information platform for tracking natural changes across the world, including sea, air, land, ice, and life. By working with world-class research institutes and consultants, such as ARUP Foresight + Innovation from Australia, we will obtain accurate and meaningful information. We have also collaborated with national partners such as the National Innovation Agency (NIA), universities, and partners interested in space such as Space Zab and SPACETH to create a collaboration platform to share interesting information on humankind with futurists and organizations around the world.”

Using foresight tools, FutureTales Lab by MQDC researches the future of living under concept of 'LIVE, WORK, LEARN, PLAY, MOVE and SUSTAIN’. The lab’s research is relevant to policymakers, researchers, young people, and members of the public with an interest in futurology.

The lab also has an Interactive Exhibition area with three zones to inform and raise awareness.

Zone 1: Two Data Platforms and interactive learning exhibitions. Earth Pulse sees the world from the dimension of connectivity, taking the earth’s pulse in every aspect, on land and in the seas and skies, collecting all useful data for further analysis. Bangkok Next Tales explores our capital city from various angles, offering new insights.

Zone 2: A six-station and gamified “Future of Living” Interactive Journey. Future City Vision teaches about world problems and crises every country will face and lets visitors design a Smart City through the City Blue Print. Journey of Waste presents the current waste crisis, future trends, and ways to correctly sort and dispose of waste. Future Mobility covers transportation’s effects on health and cities. Compare future travel options in time, cost, and health. Create your City lets you develop your own city under 12 axes of urban development with seven factors for a Smart City and five for a Happy City. Future Habitat examines the unique aspects of Future Living to suit each person. Your Urbanite applies the ideas of Carl Jung, the psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, and George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, a Russian psychiatrist, to help visitors find their place in the city of the future.

Zone 3: A detailed look into humanity’s desire for Space Exploration. This station gives information about space and life on other planets based on both Thai and international expertise. It also empowers visitors to discover about growing plants with a gravity simulator.

“FutureTales Lab by MQDC is committed to helping open new perspectives on the future, not just for a specific group or generation. We aim to be a resource where everyone can learn together, gaining understanding of the future world in order to design an effective and sustainable future under the 'For All Well-Being’ concept,” said Dr. Karndee.

FutureTales Lab by MQDC will open to the public on 17 September 2020, accepting groups of up to 25 people/visit/day. For more information, please call 1265 or go to Facebook: FutureTales LAB by MQDC or

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