'Shopee’ kicks off 11.11 Big Sale, aims to make e-commerce for everyone

Economy News Tuesday October 20, 2020 16:59 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

'Shopee’ kicks off 11.11 Big Sale, aims to make e-commerce for everyone

'Shopee?, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches its annual '11.11 Big Sale?. This comes off the back of its successful 9.9 and 10.10 shopping events, which reflects a continued strong growth of e-commerce in the region. This 11.11, Shopee further commits to create a positive impact to uplift communities, create new opportunities for sellers and brands, and create stronger shared experiences for shoppers, as part of its broader vision to make e-commerce for everyone.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, "E-commerce has made a profound impact on many of our lives and especially so this year. This 11.11, Shopee will strengthen our efforts to ensure that the benefits and opportunities of e-commerce are shared with everyone. We are fortunate to be at the forefront of this transformation in our region, and want to continue creating new livelihoods for local sellers and entrepreneurs, new ways for people to shop and connect, and new paths to success for businesses."

In line with 'e-commerce for everyone?, Shopee will deepen support for communities, businesses, and consumers this 11.11 and beyond.

  • Creating impact for communities
    Leveraging our ecosystem to support underprivileged children
  • As a homegrown platform, Shopee will deepen its commitment to uplifting local communities with the launch of 11.11 Big Charity, a regional charity drive to raise awareness and donations for underprivileged children in the region. It reflects Shopee?s belief that all individuals, particularly children and youth, should have the opportunity to succeed in the future digital economy.

    11.11 Big Charity will take place in each of Shopee?s Southeast Asian markets, supported by trusted social organizations, leading celebrities, and the biggest brands in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, Shopee raises funds for 'UNICEF Thailand? to strengthen early childhood nutrition and development. Shopee will launch a dedicated microsite for 11.11 Big Charity where users can donate in various ways, including in-app games and contests with leading brands and iconic celebrities.

  • Creating opportunities for all businesses
    Unlocking e-commerce for sellers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and brands
  • The growth of e-commerce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan has created new opportunities for sellers, SMEs and brands. This trend is reflected on Shopee, as the number of sellers on the platform increased by 60% year-on-year .

    This has created greater diversity in the region?s e-commerce landscape, with aspiring and experienced sellers seeking to grow their businesses online. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as sellers face unique challenges at different stages of their digital journey. Shopee has widened its spectrum of support measures to help all sellers succeed, regardless of experience and size:

    • Helping new and existing sellers overcome a global pandemic: Over 300,000 sellers, SMEs, and entrepreneurs in the region signed up for Shopee?s Seller Support Package within the first month of launch in April. New sellers also enjoyed 6 times sales growth during Shopee?s 9.9 Super Shopping Day in September.
    • Upgrading Shopee University to empower diverse groups of local sellers: Shopee has enhanced its Shopee University programme, including digitalising the curriculum and widening its online Seller Education Hub so that all sellers can level up their e-commerce skills. Recently, Shopee also partnered four of the biggest banks in Thailand, namely Siam Commercial Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Kasikorn Bank, and UOB in an industry-first initiative that equips sellers with financial knowledge to succeed in the digital economy.
    • Seller Masterclasses drive sellers to adopt new tools, leverage new trends:
      In Thailand, Shopee introduced its Seller Masterclass to help sellers better leverage the benefits of live streaming. Popular streamers such as Hasan Satun Seafood share exclusive tips for aspiring sellers to reach more customers on Shopee Live.

    Shopee also helped local and international brands connect and engage with the region?s digital-first shoppers. In 2020, Shopee has co-created 600 Super Brand Days with brands such as Disney, Samsung, and L?Oreal, who trust Shopee to grow their online presence and sales. The recent 10.10 Brands Festival also generated strong traction for brand partners, as traffic surged 2.5 times on Shopee Mall compared to an average day.

  • Creating shared experiences
    Forging communities, reinventing social shopping on Shopee
  • Shopee will continue to connect, inform, and inspire consumers across the region. Users can explore similar interests and discover better deals through Shopee?s shopping communities, while enjoying a more social shopping experience with Shopee?s enhanced in-app features.

    Through communities like Shopee?s Mom?s Club, Shopee connects like-minded consumers and caters to their online needs. With over 1.5 million members on Shopee?s Mom?s Club, mothers in the region enjoy one-stop access to all of the top global brands for baby products including Pampers, Enfa, and Nestle, as well as exclusive parenting content from mothers and experts on Shopee. For a new generation of digital luxury consumers, Shopee recently launched Shopee Premium, an exclusive destination offering direct access to authentic premium products, while allowing consumers to better understand the brands.

    Shopee also enhanced its collection of popular in-app features to make online shopping even more social, fun, and rewarding:

    • Enhanced social features: Shopee has upgraded its iconic in-app features to better connect sellers, brands, and users at 11.11 Big Sale. On Shopee Live, new auction and polling features will make the live shopping experience even more engaging. Shopee Feed has also been upgraded with live video "Stories", for real-time engagement between users.
    • Bring joyness to Thai users with Shopee 11.11 Big Game Show: Get ready to watch and play with fun games and big promotions directly served to your home on Shopee 11.11 Big Game Show. Stay tuned to win prizes with the total of 11 Million THB value giveaway.
    • Shopee Live Idol: Shopee always believed in the capability of the young generation to make the change happen, Shopee is now searching for students from all over Thailand who dreamed of becoming a star to join Shopee Live and create attractive performances. The winner will be the new idol of Shopee and win a special prize worth 70,000 THB. Registration will be available from today until 29 October 2020.

    Highlights of Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, one of our biggest campaign of the year

    Apart from the parade of big promotions and deals, Shopee hiked up the big surprise with the announcement of 11.11 Campaign Ambassador, Mum Jokmok, Teng Terdterng and Nhong Chachacha, the most favourite comedians of Thailand to deliver happiness, funniness and interaction with Thai shoppers nationwide. From today to 11 November 2020, shoppers will enjoy all the promotions as following;

    • Shopee users can look forward to the biggest deals only at 11.11 Big Sale including discount up to 50% off, joined by leading brands such as Autobot, La Roche-Posay, P&G, Philips, Tefal, Tesco Lotus, Unilever, Wacoal Thailand and many more.
    • Free delivery with no minimum spend: At noon and midnight every day, Shoppers can redeem codes for free delivery with no minimum spend when shopping on Shopee.
    • 9 THB Flash Sale: Enjoy flash sale prices in all categories, starting from only 9 THB.
    • Promotions from AirPay: Discount voucher codes worth up to 1500 THB and free delivery everyday with no minimum spend when making payment with AirPay Wallet on Shopee, from today till 11 November. To celebrate 'Shopee 11.11 Big Sale? even more special, Shopee launches Deals Near Me, providing exclusive deals from leading brands, starting from 1 THB.

    Shopee users enjoy a variety of privileges from leading industry partners

    Shopee has also teamed up with leading industry players including Major Cineplex, Kasikorn Bank, KTC, Vivo, Bangkok Hospital, Muang Thai Insurance and many more to provide Shopee users with exclusive privileges. Highlights include:

    • Major Cineplex: Offer 60% discount when purchasing movie tickets from today until 30 October 2020 and enjoy the deliciousness with 'Popcorn Day? in Shopee, starting from 9 THB.
    • Kasikorn Bank: Shoppers who spend 8,399 THB worth of products through their KBank credit cards on Shopee will have a chance to win up to 2,550 THB Shopee discount voucher codes.
    • KTC: Redeem 1,999 KTC points to get 450 THB Shopee discount voucher codes.
    • Vivo: Exclusive at Shopee, Vivo launched a new product 'Vivo Y1s?, price starting from 2,999 BHT and it will be available from 25 October - 11 November 2020.
    • Bangkok Hospital: Offer health checkup package 'Vital Check Up? in the valued price on 11 November 2020, starting from 1,111 BHT
    • Muang Thai Insurance: Stay safe with Accident and Health Insurance from Muang Thai Insurance, users will earn up to 2,000 Shopee Coins according to the amount based on insurance premium.

    Pang closed, "Shopee 11.11 Big Sale is our way of transforming a global phenomenon into one that truly belongs to our region. It continues the strong momentum of our successful 9.9 and 10.10 events, and builds on our long-term vision to transform the lives of people and businesses we serve. Join us as we make e-commerce for everyone at 11.11 this year."

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