MQDC Gains AMCHAM CSR Excellence Award for 6th Straight Year, Reflecting Its Commitment to Business with Social Contribution

Real Estate News Thursday November 12, 2020 14:49 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

MQDC received an AMCHAM 2020 CSR Excellence (ACE) Recognition Award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM), qualifying for the 6th straight year, presented at Conrad Bangkok Hotel by US Ambassador Michael George DeSombre.

Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President of MQDC's Property & Service Business Group, said that MQDC, a real estate developer, focuses on corporate societal contribution.

"MQDC is delighted and proud to receive the AMCHAM CSR Excellence (ACE) award for the sixth straight year, this year at 'Gold' level," he said.

"This recognition reinforces the organization's commitment to conduct its business while taking care of society. This award is a shared achievement by the whole team. Under our mission of 'For All Well-Being', we aim to contribute to the sustainable well-being of all life on earth. With this year's challenging situation, we have intensified our efforts with projects and social initiatives, drawing on our team's diverse expertise to help the hardest-hit communities.

"During the COVID-19 crisis, MQDC has run several programs to help medical personnel and frontline workers, as well as communities in hardship. 'Forest for Life' by The Forestias by MQDC, for instance, has delivered 300,000 seedlings to make Bangkok a green city. The project is relieving suffering by hiring 1,000 families hit by the downturn to raise trees, shrubs, and vegetables. Participants gain market gardening skills for sustainable livelihoods while helping the city expand its green space.

"MQDC has initiated 'Food for Hope', working with partners to distribute lunch boxes in neighborhoods most affected by the COVID crisis. The company has also supported the development of 'Pinto', a robot to help care for COVID-19 patients and reduce transmission risks."

Dr. Wit Soontaranun, Executive Vice President of Strategic Corporate Social Contribution for DTGO, the parent of MQDC, said that the company is driven by its mission of fostering smart and good-hearted people who help society. Leveraging its business potential to bring social benefits, MQDC allocates 2% of its revenues each year to support projects and social activities through its various charities and community initiatives.

Mr. Greg Wong, President of AMCHAM, highlighted the role of AMCHAM member companies in fighting COVID-19. "Thailand is loved by Americans. We are amazed by the daily acts of kindness we receive from Thai people who make us feel welcome and safe. American companies in Thailand reflect the generosity we are given by Thai people though community service and CSR projects. COVID-19 has given us more opportunity to give and serve alongside our Thai brothers and sisters."

MQDC in 2019 received AMCHAM's "Excellence in CSR Projects Award" for its work helping underprivileged communities in Bangkok.

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