McDonald's X Coca-Cola launches 'Snack 2 Go'. Enjoy the new taste of Korean chicken menu with refreshing Coca-Cola drink.

Economy News Tuesday December 1, 2020 14:26 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

McDonald's Thailand, led by Mr. Thunyachate Ekvetchavit - Managing Director of McThai Co.,Ltd teamed up with Coca-Cola, led by Mr. Carlos Diaz-Rigby, General Manager, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited to roll-out 'Snack 2 Go', new packaging design. Customers can enjoy delicious new Korean Chicken menus and refresh themselves with Coke products in one hand. The new packaging is designed to respond to new generation's lifestyles and travelers who likes convenience especially in the year-end period - the happiness time to travel together.

Experience 'Snack 2 Go' the easy way to grab and go at McDonald's restaurants and Drive-Thru. Refresh yourself with 22 Oz. refill Coke together with 3 pieces of New Korean Chicken BBQ Wings or Chick Stick only at 85 THB (from 117 THB). Enjoy 'Snack 2 Go' anytime, anywhere, the promotions starts from December 2, 2020 - January 31, 2021 or until stocks last at McDonald's front counters and Drive -Thru services at participated McDonald's restaurants. More information, please visit

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