B.Grimm and SCG units join forces to offer cutting-edge industrial solutions

Economy News Wednesday December 2, 2020 09:13 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Co Ltd (BGJV) signed a cooperation agreement with Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co Ltd (REPCO), a subsidiary of Chemicals Business, SCG to offer cutting-edge industrial solutions.

The collaboration between the subsidiaries of B. Grimm Group and SCG zeroes in on offering integrated product and service supports, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to power plants, oil refineries, chemical factories and other industries.

The accord was formalised by President of B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Company Limited, Caroline Link, Fabrice Goetschmann, President of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses, and REPCO Managing Director Chokchai Montreeamornchet.

BGJV is to execute the collaboration with REPCO through three units under the umbrella of B.Grimm Group, namely B.Grimm Trading Corporation, Hamon B. Grimm Co Ltd and B.Grimm Babcock Power Co Ltd.

B.Grimm Trading Corporation is an importer and distributor of engineering products from Europe, the US and many other countries around the world.

Hamon B. Grimm manufactures and distributes cooling equipment for generators and chemical industries.

B.Grimm Babcock Power involves in the production and distribution of steam generators and equipment for the power generation, refining and petrochemical industries.

Rayong Engineering and Plant Services Co., Ltd comes under the SCG's chemical business and is a provider of engineering solutions and maintenance services.

The collaboration creates a synergy to provide the most complete solutions to the customers of both parties.

This enables customers to receive quality products, installation and maintenance, with a platform that can perform predictive analytics through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable early warning, preventing parts or equipment from being damaged.

That reduces the risk of factory downtime and increases production efficiency.

Ms Link said the collaboration with SCG represents another important step for B.Grimm to strengthen the technical and business cooperation.

"It is extremely beneficial in enabling both parties to meet the needs of their clients in all aspects - something which B.Grimm has placed great importance,'' she stated.

Mr Goetschmann noted that the partnership helps further strengthening the relationship between B.Grimm and SCG, and raising the level of Thailand's industrial standards with the most advanced innovations and solutions.

In the past, both sides have undertaken many important activities together such as jointly providing engineering study to customers.

There are more than ten other collaborative projects in the pipeline which the two parties are contemplating.

B.Grimm is very confident that there will be more successful projects being implemented in the future, noting that this partnership will be part of its long-term growth plan.

B.Grimm has vowed to provide the best support for REPCO's business and the customers' projects.

Mr Chokchai added that the cooperation underscores the vision the two sides are sharing in becoming leaders in innovation and industry solutions.

"We are ready to bring our over 30 years of experiences as a fully integrated asset management operator in the chemical industry and the IoT technology to combine with B.Grimm's expertise to enhance the reliability and productivity of our customers to the utmost level," he said.

The REPCO chief thanked all relevant parties for making this cooperation happened.

Established in 1878, B.Grimm is one of Thailand's leading conglomerates with diversified businesses breaking down into four streams -- energy equipment, cooling systems, transportation, and construction products.

Rayong Engineering and Plant Services Co., Ltd (REPCO) is a subsidiary of Chemical Business, SCG offering a one-stop engineering solution and maintenance services, backed by 30-year-plus experience and expertise in overseeing and managing maintenance of SCG's petrochemical plants.

Those experiences and expertise have evolved into innovative products and solutions which are ready to be passed on to customers in order to improve plant management efficiency.

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