Great Intense Taste x3! Introducing NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO

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Great Intense Taste x3! Introducing NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO

Great Intense Taste x3! Introducing NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO NESCAFE's First Coffee with Vitamins Plus 3 Shots of Espresso in Thailand and the World, a Game Changer for the Ready-to-Drink Coffee Market

NESCAFE, the number one coffee brand in Thailand, today announced the launch of "NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO," a ready-to-drink coffee innovation with vitamins, and a first for NESCAFE in Thailand and in the world.

It features three shots of espresso blended with real milk. NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO also contains vitamin B and vitamin D, which perfectly reflects the concept of "Great Intense Taste x3 with Vitamins." The new product is aimed at the new generation of consumers, gamers, and energy drink customers who want to stay wide awake while caring for their health.

NESCAFE has allocated 100 million baht for an exciting triple marketing campaign to connect with new gen coffee drinkers. Campaign highlights include a wide range of Awake x3 advertising such as a TV commercial and out-of-home media. The highlight is the exciting "NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO Esport Challenge Awake x3 - Leading Newbies to Attack the Fort." It's the first esports tournament that gives coffee drinkers a chance to team up with pro players and celebrities in RoV games for three weeks to win prizes totaling over 500,000 baht, along with a loyalty program to get triple points and win many prizes via NESCAFE's official LINE account: @NESCAFETH

A game changer, NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO coffee with vitamins is an innovation that aims to penetrate the ready-to-drink coffee market by focusing on the upper mainstream segment. It also marks NESCAFE's biggest product launch in the first half of 2021.

The ready-to-drink coffee market is showing positive signs with steady growth this year. Last year, consumers' lifestyles saw a major shift to staying and working at home, which led to a -5% decline in growth for Thailand's 12-billion-baht ready-to-drink coffee market. Thanks to its innovations and marketing campaigns that strongly resonated with consumers, NESCAFE was a key driver for the market last year with growth exceeding the market rate.

Recent research into consumers 15 to 65 years old co-conducted by NESCAFE and Kantar showed a key concern for this group is ensuring they feel awake when they work every day. When working or doing activities that last for many hours, most people feel tired, lack energy, and find it hard to stay alert throughout the day. They are looking for a beverage to help them stay awake while addressing the three key areas of effectiveness, taste, and health, and felt there was no beverage in the market that can fully satisfy these needs. NESCAFE saw this as an opportunity to expand its new customer base, which is the reason for this product launch.

Mr. Thanatorn Punpanishgul, Senior Marketing Manager, RTD Coffee and Tea, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, "We are very proud how NESCAFE's research and development team in Thailand successfully innovated to develop 'NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO' ready-to-drink coffee. They spent more than a year on product research, studying how to meet the needs of consumers and
new gen workers who want an effective way to stay awake, along with great taste and the health benefits of vitamins."

"We believe that 'NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO' will soon become the favourite drink for the new generation, gamers, and people who want to stay alert. It's a game changer that integrates ready-to-drink coffee with vitamins and will excite the ready-to-drink coffee market this year, reinforcing NESCAFE as the number one coffee brand in Thailand," he said.

Offering more than three shots of espresso with real milk, NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO contains vitamins B2 and B3 Niacin, which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as vitamin B6 and vitamin D, which helps the immune system to function normally. It offers a great taste x3 plus vitamins and is less sweet. Consumer sampling groups who tried the product liked it, with 95% saying they will definitely buy it.

NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO is now available in 220 ml cans for 20 baht at convenience stores and leading supermarkets nationwide. NESCAFE has a big and exciting marketing campaign to launch new NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO to attract new gen coffee drinkers including the Awake x3 TV commercial that started airing on April 19, 2021, along with a complete range of out-of-home and digital media.

Enjoy Triple Excitement with an Esports Tournament Targeting New Gen Gamers
Moving from an innovative ready-to-drink coffee with vitamins to esports, insights into the new generation show that people who play esports need to concentrate and focus on a game over a long period. This led to the "NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO
Esports Challenge Awake x3 - Leading Newbies to Attack the Fort," NESCAFE's first esports tournament to connect with gamers and the new generation who drink coffee to stay awake for continuous activities.

The NESCAFE esports tournament is very unique. The highlight of the competition lies in its concept of "Leading Newbies to Attack the Fort," which allows consumers who drink NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO to team up with leading pro players such as Guy Ngid, Monaliza, 007x, GamToh CH, and Remix from Bacon Time in the most spectacular game Arena of Valor, or RoV. The pro players are team leaders who guide new players known as newbies to attack the forts of other players based on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style of game play.

In addition to pro game players, NESCAFE has invited celebrities including Oat Pramote, DJ Phuak, and My Mate Nate, a high-profile YouTuber, to be team leaders to attract coffee drinkers nationwide to win cash and other prizes worth over 500,000 baht.

During the tournament, those interested can watch a live 3 to 4 hour broadcast of the pro players every Sunday on NESCAFE's Facebook page at as well as on the NESCAFE YouTube channel. Prizes and fun activities will be offered during the live broadcast.

Drink to Win 3 Tiers of Prizes and Get Triple Points

Here is an offer gamers should not miss. When purchasing a can of NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO, they can use the 10-digit code under the pull tab to register on NESCAFE's official LINE account: @NESCAFETH from April 16 until May 16, 2021. One code is eligible to win in three prize tiers, which are:

  • Tier 1: Win a chance to apply as a new player joining the same team as celebrities and pro players.
  • Tier 2: Vote and cheer for your favorite team and win many prizes such as one of 99 special tournament T-shirts with a cool design.
  • Tier 3: Win grand prizes and many other prizes worth a total of over 500,000 baht.

Coffee drinkers can also enjoy LINE Loyalty Program activities by collecting three points from one code for a chance to win many prizes such as gold necklaces and top-up cards.

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