The Coffee Academics debuts Espresso Tiramisu and Banoffee

Economy News Monday June 21, 2021 14:45 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

The Coffee Academics debuts Espresso Tiramisu and Banoffee

The Coffee Academics not only specializes in specialty coffee but serves a plethora of sweet and savory treats that make it worth a visit. We remain steadfast in our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, supporting local and foreign coffee growers as well as the coffee community, serving specialty grade coffee scoring 85+ points or above, giving back to the community that we operate in through corporate social initiatives, and the list goes on.

Every dish including sweet treats has been prepared with love and guaranteed to satisfy. The same practice also applies to every coffee cup artfully brewed by skillful and creative baristas. In addition, we update our menu regularly to suit different themes, times of the year, and customer expectations.

"Espresso Tiramisu" and "Banoffee" make their debut this summer from June 17-August 14, 2021. First thing first, the all-time favorite, coffee-flavored Italian dessert "Tiramisu" is served with a shot of Thailand House Blend espresso and soaked in the liqueur aromas of Disaronno Amaretto and Tia Maria (all the alcohol is evaporated during the baking process.) It's made in-house and sold for 160 baht.

Also made in-house and sold for 140 baht, "Banoffee" is packed with bananas, covered in creamy caramel buttercream with a touch of passion fruit, and topped with toffee caramel that is just the right note of sweetness.

Both are available for takeout at Velaa Langsuan, Gaysorn Village, and CentralWorld store and delivery via LINE MAN, Grab Food, foodpanda, and Robinhood.

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