Thonglor Thai Cuisine pampers children and health enthusiasts with "Pork Chop and Quinoa Riceberry"

Economy News Tuesday July 20, 2021 14:41 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Thonglor Thai Cuisine pampers children and health enthusiasts with

Even though children are studying online at home due to COVID-19, they still need a nutritious meal to boost up their health and development. Therefore, Thonglor Thai Cuisine would like to recommend "Pork Chop and Quinoa Riceberry", a secret recipe that has been popular since opening.

Parents who have a hard time finding food choices that appeal to their children or health enthusiasts will be pleased with "Pork Chop and Quinoa Riceberry", the dish that chef selects a huge-sized, fine quality pork chop to marinate with special sauce recipe and braise in low heat until the pork absorbs the sauce. This dish is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, such as carrot and onion that are packed with nutrients together with riceberry and quinoa that have Omega-3 to nourish the brain. It is also suitable for those who are going on a diet because quinoa and riceberry have high fiber and low calories which help increase immunity and do not make you fat.

In addition, customers who order "Pork Chop and Quinoa Riceberry" will get free pineapple ice-cream; this signature ice-cream is made with fresh pineapple, served inside a whole pineapple. Feast on delicious and healthy dish together with refreshing ice-cream at only 279 Baht, starting today until the end of July 2021.

Thonglor Thai Cuisine is open from 10.30 AM until 8.00 PM. The restaurant is also accepting takeout and delivery orders via LINE: @thonglorcuisine or call 092-966-2563, 02-000-4701. For more information, latest updates and promotions, please visit and stay connected with the restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and LINE: @thonglorcuisine. Another new channel is also available for you to update on craftsmanship through Instagram: Sri.thonglor .

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