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Harley-Davidson has announced today the arrival of its all-new sport custom motorcycle, the Sportster(R) S, in Thailand. Ushering in a new era of Sportster performance, the bike is designed to deliver extraordinary power and performance, elevating the entire riding experience. With a taut, lightweight chassis and premium suspension, riders can expect responsive, intuitive handling on a stylish and powerful ride. An addition to the 2021 Harley-Davidson motorcycle line, the Sportster S was unveiled recently at the global virtual launch experience "From Evolution to Revolution", offering riders new standard for the most enduring Harley-Davidson model at an attractive price of THB 709,000.

"We look forward to seeing the bike on the roads of Thailand as riders enjoy the enhanced riding experience that the Sportster S offers. Designed with premium features, outstanding performance, and innovative technology, this next generation Sportster sets a new performance standard for the Sportster line" said Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing Director, Asia Emerging Markets & India at Harley-Davidson. "As we lead the charge with our cutting-edge design and engineering capabilities, we are excited to see where the Sportster S will take us."

Defined by Power, Performance, Technology and Style
At the mechanical heart of the Sportster S is a 121-horsepower Revolution(R) Max 1250T V-Twin engine that puts the Sportster S rider in command of unrelenting, on-demand torque. This new version of the latest Harley-Davidson liquid-cooled V-Twin engine is tuned to make tremendous torque at low RPM, with a torque curve that stays flat through the powerband - engine performance designed to deliver strong acceleration from a start with robust power through the mid-range.

On styling, every visual design element of the Sportster S model is an expression of the motorcycle's raw power. In profile Sportster S model appears crouched and powerful, coupled with subtle yet purposeful details on texture, colors and finishes to give it the look of a custom show bike. The fuel tank and tail section frame the engine as the predominate centerpiece of the motorcycle, while the massive front tire recalls the fenderless front end of a classic bobber. Finally, the tail section, high-mount exhaust, and slim solo seat draw inspiration from the Harley-Davidson XR750 flat tracker. Celebrating self-expression, riders can choose from an array of Sportster S model accessories and paint colors - Vivid Black; Stone Washed White Pearl; Midnight Crimson.

More than an eye-catching ride, the Sportster S model is equipped with a host of technologies designed to the enhance the riding experience. Three pre-programmed, selectable Ride Modes (Sport, Road and Rain) electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle, and the level of technology intervention. Two Custom modes may be used by the rider to create a set of performance characteristics to meet personal preference or for special situations. Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson(R), a collection of technologies intended to enhance rider confidence during unexpected situations or adverse road conditions, are designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking, in a straight line or while in a turn.
(See separate Sportster S Technology release for full details)

Harley-Davidson authorized dealerships across Thailand will be hosting an Open House from September 4, 2021. Interested customers can make an appointment with their nearest dealership to view the Sportster S in person and be one of the first to own this powerful ride. All activities will operate in line with the latest government regulations to safeguard the health and wellbeing of customers. Find our nearest dealer at h-d.com/dealerlocator.

Learn more about the Harley-Davidson Sportster S model at www.harley-davidson.com.

About Harley-Davidson
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