Frasers Property Thailand introduces its brand new mixed-use project 'Silom Edge' - the new Sandbox Community in Bangkok's CBD

Real Estate News Tuesday October 19, 2021 13:44 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Frasers Property Thailand introduces its brand new mixed-use project 'Silom Edge' - the new Sandbox Community in Bangkok's CBD

Following the recent success of Samyan Mitrtown, Frasers Property Thailand or 'FPT' is working on its latest mixed-use development called 'Silom Edge'. Located on the intersection of Silom and Rama4 Road, Silom Edge serves as FPT's first redevelopment project. With an investment of Baht 1.8 billion, the existing building is revitalized with the unique and innovative concept of 'Sandbox Community in CBD', aiming to appeal to digital entrepreneurs and startups.

Mr. Thanapol Sirithanachai, the Country CEO of Frasers Property Thailand, said: "We saw a great opportunity to redevelop the property on the prime corner of Silom road. Located in the core of Bangkok's Central Business District, it can be accessed by both BTS and MRT. Silom is undeniably one of Thailand's most important business districts where leading companies are located. FPT made a strategic decision to acquire and transform an existing property in the area into a mixed-use complex. Aligning with FPT's sustainable growth strategy, the project is set to enhance the portfolio through diversification and recurring income generation. The revenue is expected to be recognized in the last quarter of next year"

With its 'Sandbox Community' concept, Silom Edge offers flexible workspaces in the heart of Bangkok, catering to tenants who are digital natives, startups, online entrepreneurs and gig workers. With Covid-19, there has been an acceleration in the growth of online businesses looking to expand their customer touchpoints and offer an omnichannel experience.

To capture the wider segment of tenants and customers, Silom Edge takes on the concept theme "BE DIFFERENT. BE CONNECTED." to meet the needs of the new generation.


  • Space & Contract as A Service
  • Creating A Sandbox Platform to Unleash the Maximum Potential
  • Extended Operation Hours for Digitalizing Life
  • O2O2O (Online to Offline to Online) READY


  • Conquering the Work-Life Integration
  • Extremely Convenient Location
  • Open to Crypto & Cashless Society
  • Redefining Endless Business Opportunities

Silom Edge project is developed by FPT's expert design and construction professionals. The project is now 65% complete and will open in September 2022.

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