A Clearer World with the Latest Innovation of Vision Correction, "NanoRelex(R) CLEAR"

Economy News Thursday December 2, 2021 11:18 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

A Clearer World with the Latest Innovation of Vision Correction,

Assoc. Prof. Anun Vongthongsri, M.D., the founder and medical director of Laser Vision, had organized and introduced the latest technology, NanoRelex(R) CLEAR. NanoRelex(R) is the new generation of RELEX (Refractive lenticular extraction) which treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. As one of the leading international LASIK centers, Laser Vision is the first and the only center in Thailand to import NanoRelex(R) CLEAR; innovation from Switzerland, as a pioneer led by a team of professional and well-known LASIK surgeons with international standards of services. Kittipat Kaewcharoen, Rusrin Jumsai Na Ayudhya, Sirirat Vongthongsri, Nirutchaya Karunwongwat, Thithinan Kiatphaibool, Apiphawadee Snidvongs Na Ayudhya, and Anuwat Ruamsuke had participated in the event, which was held at Laser Vision International LASIK Center, Ratchadapisek 48.

From Left

  1. Mr.Kittipat Kaewcharoen
  2. Mrs.Rusrin Jumsai Na Ayudhya
  3. Mrs.Sirirat Vongthongsri
  4. Assoc.Prof. Anun Vongthongsri, M.D.
  5. Mrs.Nirutchaya Karunwongwat
  6. Mrs.Thithinan Kiatphaibool
  7. Mrs.Apiphawadee Snidvongs Na Ayudhya
  8. Mr.Anuwat Ruamsuke

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