PLUS Delights at Being Entrusted with Management of 270 Residential Developments - Maintains Global Standards and Insight into clients' needs.

Real Estate News Monday January 10, 2022 15:40 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

PLUS Delights at Being Entrusted with Management of 270 Residential Developments - Maintains Global Standards and Insight into clients' needs.
  • Plus Property has successfully met its targets in the residential properties management business for year 2021. The 270 condominium, detached home and townhome developments in its current portfolio encompass an area of 14 million square metres. These residential projects span all price ranges, including the super luxury range. Some of these client projects have been using PLUS's service for more than 20 years - a testament to the confidence that clients had in the firm.
  • Newly acquired clients in 2021 comprise 15 projects from Sansiri and 22 projects from other leading developers. These new hand-overs enabled the ratio of premium to super luxury projects, taken in combination, to expand to 20%.
  • PLUS is underlining the advantage conferred to it by the Living Management philosophy, under which services are professionally delivered in accordance with global standards. This applies to the aspects of safety, personnel skills improvement, work standards inspection and control, building systems engineering and maintenance inspection, activities for project residents and for betterment of the community, and implementation of innovation and technology for the purpose of expanding on services.
  • The company remains committed to global standards and to exceeding ordinary work standards, in order to ultimately cover every aspect of living. The company understands the diverse needs of clients and make adjustments to accommodate the residents and occupants at each property project amid various situations.

Naruemon Arporntanakul, Assistant Managing Director - Project Management Residential Department at Plus Property, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed the 2021 operating results of PLUS's residential properties management business, saying that targets were successfully met. PLUS now has 270 residential projects under its care, translating into 14 million square metres of space under management. The projects consist of many brands from leading developers, and included condominium, detached home and townhome property types. Although the COVID-19 situation had yet to come to an end, PLUS was able to facilitate convenience for its residents and issue effective measures to prevent the spread of Covid and respond to each wave of outbreaks as they unfolded. It earned the trust and acceptance of residents and tenants, and was able to retain existing client projects and meet the expansion target for the residential properties management business. PLUS has taken advantage of it being a company that operates in accordance with global standards and whose work processes are transparent and clear-cut. PLUS has a robust quality inspection team and benefits from a pool of personnel who are committed to professionally delivering service at every step of the property management work. It possesses insight into both Thai and foreign residents, and is underpinned by experience in managing residential projects at all price points - super luxury projects included - while also being able to offer extra services accommodating the needs of diverse lifestyles.

Of the newly acquired projects handed over for management by PLUS in 2021, 15 were developed by Sansiri and 22 were from other developers.  Among the residential projects by other developers that were handed over to PLUS, 17 were condominium projects.  They are The Reserve Kasemsan 3, The Reserve Phahol - Pradipat, Urbano Rajavithi, The Privacy Rama 9, Supalai City Resort Bearing Station, Supalai River Place, Life Asoke - Rama 9, CIELA Sripatum, Park Ramindra, Q Chit Lom - Phetchaburi, Ideo Q Siam-Ratchathewi, Sathorn House, The Hudson, Define by Mayfair Sukhumvit 50, Mayfair Place Sukhumvit 50, Walden Asoke, and Thru Thonglor Condominium.  There were 4 detached home projects, which are Manthana Rama 9 - Srinakarin, Casa Premium On Nut-Wongwaen, The Marq Exquisite Ratchaphruek-Charansanitwong, and Java Bay.  1 townhome development - AI Ratchaphruek - was handed over.

2021 was a year where PLUS's portfolio ratio of premium to super luxury projects, taken in combination, expanded to 20%. This development reflected confidence in PLUS's professionalism in residential properties management work, which is underpinned by reliable standards covering 6 aspects of residence management.

1) Work procedures that comply with the ISO 9001/2015 global standard. PLUS employs a quality assurance system in its work, allowing for confidence to be vested in the fact that various processes are regulated, transparent and traceable.

2) Safety aspect. PLUS is supported by the Sansiri Security Inspection (SSI) team of instructors at headquarters, who deliver increased training for security guards at each project and provide an additional layer for the regulation of safety standards. Support is also provided to guards on patrol.

3) Service aspect. PLUS Eduplex provides personnel with up-skilling and re-skilling, so staff may possess the capabilities required to deliver their service professionally and in compliance with the standards set by the company. Additional capabilities are added on top of an individual's core professional skills for the purpose of expanding the range of possible services. An internal quality inspection team regularly heads into sites to check on the work quality, giving clients another reason to place their trust in PLUS's standard of services.

4) Building systems engineering. This aspect is supported by a central team with expertise in building systems inspection. Meanwhile, preventive maintenance is employed so that the service life of machinery and equipment may be extended and costs are optimally managed.

5) Liveable and attractive community. Public relations is carried out to communicate various regulations at projects and measures taken by management. PLUS personnel do what they can to facilitate convenience for residents, coordinate various affairs, and oversee all matters relating to living at each project. Activities are arranged for residents and other project occupants to foster a pleasant living experience.

6) Innovation and Technology. AI and IoT technologies are used to extend PLUS's services, culminating in a central command and monitoring centre under the name LIV-24. The centre adds an around-the-clock and real-time safety layer to the security work at residential projects, while also helping to optimise building systems and control costs. The service model can be adjusted to suit an individual project. Furthermore, a living solutions mobile application provides a contact channel for management to reach out to and facilitate convenience for residents.

Recently, PLUS was able to secure Building Safety Awards (BSA) for 4 pilot projects which are condominiums.  The conferring of BSA 2021 Awards, organized by the Building Safety Inspectors Assocoation and the Thailand Facility Management Association, reflects the building safety expertise applied under PLUS's management as well as it meeting the highest level of national safety standards.  PLUS remains committed to raising its own work standards, and aims to arrive at other aspects of global standards in the year 2022 in order to better cover other dimensions of living. 

"I am proud that one of PLUS's primary businesses, which is the residential projects management business, has met with success and has been entrusted with caring for some 270 condominium, detached home and townhome projects that originated from many leading developers.  This reflected confidence in PLUS's 25 years of experience.  We are a Thai company that employs global standards, and we remain committed to raising our standards to cover more aspects of living, in order for professional care to be delivered to residents and occupants in all situations and in every dimension of living", said Ms. Naruemon.

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